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University Council Student Affairs Committee

February 9, 2012



Present:  Mary Fields, Doug Briney, Kimberly Mueller, Melanie Noell, Jacque Naegle, Robin Weinman, Stephen Jenkins, Camille Consolvo, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Le Alexander, Dylan Lawrence, Chris Heidbrink


  1. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the January 12, 2012 meeting. Motion passed.
  2.  Action Items:
    1. Medical Marijuana Policy – Jenkins indicated that the Medical Marijuana Policy is affirmation of state and federal law. The state of Oregon allows medical marijuana; however, the federal Drug Free Schools Act prohibits the use of drugs on campuses that receive federal funding. If EOU were to allow medical marijuana use on campus, our federal funding would be at risk. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Medical Marijuana Policy. Motion passed. The policy will be forwarded to University Council for approval at their next scheduled meeting.
    2. Military Call-Up Policy – Consolvo introduced the draft policy and provided the rationale for the policy. It was mentioned that as EOU strives to be a military friendly campus there must be policies that reflect that. A discussion took place. A question was posed about whom would track the Incompletes as the policy is currently written and how would it be noted in banner? It was recommended that the policy follow the incomplete policy of one term and if necessary the student would request further extension(s) from the faculty. It was recommended that the draft policy be revised to reflect the discussion and brought back to the committee at the next scheduled meeting.
    3. Policy Revisions:
      1. Code of Conduct Update – it was mentioned that additional updates to the code revisions were made that reflect Title IX requirements and updates. The Code revisions will be forwarded to University Council for approval as soon as final revisions and review from legal counsel has been completed.
      2. University Council Student Affairs Committee update – it was mentioned that University Council is requesting a committee update at the February 28, 2012 meeting.
      3. Academic Honesty Policy update – it was mentioned that the Academic Honest Code would be brought forward to the next Student Affairs Committee meeting .  A discussion took place regarding the importance of the revisions and whether or not faculty should report at first incident.
      4. Student Hearings Committee training update – it was mentioned that a 2-hour training session was held and that within the 2-hours it was not possible to get through all of the material. Materials that were not discussed will be brought forward to the Student Affairs Committee meetings for discussion and overview as time/agenda allows.
      5. Discussion Items:
        1. Grievance Procedures – Cascio and Consolvo discussed the history of the Grievance Procedures revisions and the current status. It has been determined that the pieces related to students will be revised and brought forward for review and continued revisions.
        2. For the Good of the Order:
          1. Events occurring on campus this week:

i.      Pre-professional speaker

ii.      NSLS speaker

iii.      ESE Etiquette Dinner

iv.      CEAD Conference

Meeting adjourned.


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