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Assembly Student Affairs Committee

February 9, 2006



1.Introductions of everyone


2. Approval of minutes: Stephen Kalb moved, Ben Calhoun seconded


3. Mike Daugherty handed out info sheet on Residence Life Live-in Policy.

Mike discussed requirements and history, full details are available on Residence Life website.

  • Currently, there will be more people wanting to live on campus than there are beds for them.
  • Problem is that returning students are getting priority on beds, so that freshman, who have second pick on dorms, are the ones who will be left out, and thus likely to go to another school.
  • A new waiver policy needs to be considered to lower demand for on-campus beds.
  • Many potential ways to do this through waivers or cutoffs.
  • OUS has no set policy regarding the live-in policy.
  • Sheldon Nord sites benefits of on-campus living in research
  • Without a live-in policy, then the beds would be under realized
  • Committee came to a consensus that that the focus should be on waivers from the policy for sophomores, and on an equitable way to manage any waiting list.

4. Sex offender policy

  • Sheldon Nord says the goal of the policy is to make the Eastern community safer and also allow for the offender to get an education
  • Emphasis in the policy is on working with the parole officer to tailor the University’s response to the offender.
  • The Student code of conduct contains the language stating that should an offender violate the policy, they will be removed from campus.
  • President’s council has ultimate decision on implementation of the policy.

5. Sheldon asks to put student-hearing committee on March agenda.


6. Meeting is adjourned.


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