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University Council Student Affairs Committee

February 22, 2012


Present: Christopher Heidbrink, Elizabeth Moreno, Dylan Lawrence, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Camille Consolvo, Kimberly Mueller, Christy Oliveri, Stephen Jenkins, Jacque Nagle, Doug Briney

  1. Consolvo opened the meeting.
  2. Members were asked for feedback/comments on the draft of the Grievance Policy/Procedures.
    1.  For the criteria for non-academic grievance and academic grievance procedures, “Must meet definition in order to be reviewed/heard” was added.
    2. The note was made that the criteria for an academic grievance would be decided upon by the Academic Standards committee, so this will be passed on to them, along with Faculty Senate eventually.
    3. There was a discussion about the make-up of the Grievance Committee: would the group hearing grievances be a smaller group within the committee?  Should the group hearing academic grievances be made up of faculty only?  Briney made the point that the policy would not get passed through faculty senate if there were students on the hearing committee for academic grievances.  Academic grievances will mostly concern grades and classroom behavior.
    4. Other questions were presented about the difference between a complaint and a grievance, and it was decided that the complaint would be the first stage; if the issue was not resolved as a complaint, it would change to a grievance and those procedures would be followed.
    5. Another question involved the amount of time allowed for the grievance filing procedure.  It is currently 90 days.  Would that be just academic days?  If so, it needs to state that.  In addition, some members thought that it should be less than 90 days; others thought anything less than 90 days would not be enough, especially if this includes the process from complaint stage through attempts at resolving the complaint and up until an actual grievance is filed.
    6. Another question and discussion involved who would be the initial intake person/people for complaints and grievances.  Dunne-Cascio stated that there is not enough staff in Student Affairs to do this.  Other suggestions involved having faculty/administrators in the office where the complaint is filed do the initial intake.
    7. Updates: University Council has passed the language in the University Council Constitution being changed from “Enrollment Services” to “Administrative Faculty” since Enrollment Services as a Division no longer exists.  This has not yet passed Faculty Senate.
    8. Meeting adjourned.

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