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February 2, 2005

Meeting Minutes




Elizabeth Boretz, Susan Roberts, Joella DeVillier, Carol Franks, Jana Parmele, Mike Daugherty, Jeff Dunbar, Ben Calhoun, Konnie Zacharias, Humberto Almeida, Lauren Cargill (guest)



Denny Swanger, Sharon Evoy, Sheldon Nord, Amy Servid, Jon Weyant


The meeting was called to order by co-chair, Konnie Zacharias.  Konnie began the meeting with a special thank you for all of the hard work that the committee has done in the past.

  • Updates
    • Campus Assembly and Constitutional Amendments – The changes to the Student Affairs Assembly Committee constitution passed (95 yes – 7 no).  Colleen will be sending out the revised copy to the members soon.
    • Student C ode of Conduct is with the DOJ and we are waiting for comments.
    • Greek Update – Lauren Cargill and Humberto Almeida outlined where each of their Greek organizations are at in their recognition process.  Discussed the forums and the concepts of a statement of relationship and governing council. Will be seeking a formal discussion and statement from the Student Affairs Committee soon.
  • Approval of the Minutes

  Motion to approve and seconded for the January 5, 2005 minutes.  Before passing the motion, discussion about the minutes included:

    • Under discussion items, it should read Shelter from the Storm;
    • Also on the same page, the next meeting dates should have read Wed., February 2, 2005;
    • Under action items, there should have been something regarding the discussion about sending out two meeting date/time options and that the committee was to vote on the best time.

  Motion passed with the suggested changes.

  • Discussion Items

  Academic Honesty Code

    • The proposed code should be taken to ASEOU (Humberto to present at next meeting) for their review.  The Student Affairs Committee will look at any suggested changes or comments.
    • There needs to be a definition of the collaboration in item 2.
    • Committee really liked the change to item 5.
    • Committee discussed the question what are the reasons that not everyone would be “called out” upon the first suspected case of academic dishonesty.  It can also be used as an educational point if it is not blatant dishonesty.
    • How do we deal with misunderstandings between students and faculty regarding alleged conduct issues when the student feels the charges are wrong? 

  Sexual Assault Policy

Thoughts about Antioch’s policy statement: 

  • The writing style in not consistent with EOU’s policy.
  • Can we re-write ours to be consistent with Antioch’s?  No time to do so.
  • Liked the concept of more user-friendly feel though.
  • Serious subject and the policy should not make light of it.
  • May need a “capstone” or wrap up statement that would soften up the policy and present it in a more positive manner that affirms consensual relationships.  This statement could also be used in brochure and other non-policy documents.
  • Joella will draft an introduction that may address these concerns.  She will forward it to Colleen.
  • Discussion about statement on page 2 regarding “you will likely be assigned an advocate”.  What exactly does that mean.  How does that mess with statements later in the policy about how the advocate will be of assistance.  Suggested to change the word “likely” to “offered”.  We also need to make sure that we have enough advocates trained.
  • Mike Daugherty has all suggested wording related to this topic of discussion.


  Free Speech/Posting Policy

      • Discussed Man Quest flyer and asked how do we determine appropriateness.  This may be restrictive of free speech rights.  There are no set standards.  Should there be specific guidelines.  Could ASEOU take on the task of approving postings?  Probably not due to consistency issues.  Discussed creating a philosophy statement that can be added to the posting policy that will help guide in the posting approval decisions.  The committee discussed having “free speech” boards on campus.  Currently the Hoke Center has two but it’s not widely recognized as such.  SAO will work to on the board to advertise this fact.  This policy should be based on the mission of the institution.  Jeff to draft a version and send to Colleen for the first meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


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