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February 14th, 2007


Meeting called to order at 2:05

Introduction of Student Affairs Committee and Shared Governance Committee



Jeff Johnson introduced the proposed constitution on Shared Governance. The committee has met together for the past two years to design something to replace the assembly and form shared governance. Plan would keep the existing committees of the assembly and disband the assembly and executive assembly. Explained the proposed model on who the committees report to and their recommendations. Purpose is to sell the plan to this committee and find input. 1. about the plan. 2. input on composition of the committee


Doug stated that recommending and reporting lines of committees divided between the University council and the Faculty Senate


Danny Aynes asked where does the Grievance committee falls and how did it get appointed, Jeff stated that all committees will now all be elected


Sheldon said that it looks like the Financial Aid and Athletic Committee are combined, but Doug cleared that up, it looks that way but it is not


AnnaMarie the concern for her is the composition of the committees and want feedback


Danny wants to know why there is no student representation on Faculty Senate, Jeff stated that it has been tradition and Faculty entitlement, structure put together by three people and Jack (student) felt they had even student representation


Katie asked how many students; Jeff answered three EOU students on the University Council


Les asked if the Faculty Senate take into consideration concerning General Education Requirements and have an ex-efcio sit on the committee to deal with those issues and feels that issues has not been addressed

Jeff feels that some recommendations are not all going to make the final cut to the proposal. Doug stated that the Faculty Senate everyone is open to come and voice be heard. Danny is worried about student representation on the Faculty Senate. Jeff stated that with a smaller number students would be big winners in this model. Danny said gaining influence, but not in the academic area.


Sheldon has worked places with Faculty Senate and does not feel there is a right or wrong way. He feels a lot of the concern is based on where are University stands right now in time. However, if feels good about the composition of AnnaMarie, Doug, and Jeff.


Les asked if people would be able to speak at the Faculty Senate, response is absolutely.

Danny feels that students should have more representation when they have 18 at the assembly and only 0 on Faculty Senate. This would be a better sell to have student representation.

Sheldon has worked in the past where the Student Body President set on the Faculty Senate.


Luz asked if one of the members of the Faculty Senate is part of diversity and Jeff stated that no, they have not defined that, but Les suggested that one of the members from Faculty Senate be voted to be on the Diversity Committee – Jeff states that would be put into the Faculty Senate bylaws not the constitution.


There is a forum in groupware and encourage people to post their recommendations; but how are students going to post to groupware – Jeff suggests that Shakira and Charles get access to groupware or send it to Danny or Les and they will post


Want Assembly to be notified in April and vote in May on this proposal, and want this new system to be up and running in the Fall ‘07. Jeff hopes to have Assembly vote themselves out of existence and then the process to fill the seats would occur.


Les wants to thank all for those who put time and dedication into writing this proposal.



Nick suggests that we do not have enough members to discuss the rest of the issues and will table those until the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 3:07pm


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