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Student Affairs Committee

February 11, 2009




Doug Briney, Kris Olson, Karyn Gomez, Vivian Petersen, Stephen Jenkins,

Camille Consolvo, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Hailey Wolcott, Janet Jessup,

Calli Nelson, Russell Waisanen, Ashley Cogburn


1. Approval of Minutes: The Minutes of the January 14, 2009 Student Affairs Committee Meeting were approved as revised.

2. Updates

a)Medical Withdrawal Policy – Consolvo indicated that a group of individuals came together and worked on the revisions to the policy. A rough draft will be discussed with the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee next week. Some of the revisions include ADA accommodations, a medical withdrawal form to request accommodations, establishment of a committee to review and approve requests, and invite student advisor to meeting.

b)Time, Place, and Manner Policy – Jessup indicated that just prior to this meeting an email was sent to the subcommittee regarding the draft policy. It was mentioned that OUS has hired an additional attorney who will assist with the revision to this policy. If the draft policy is ready by the next meeting, it will be submitted for discussion and review.

c) Grievance Procedures – Cascio reported that the Grievance Committee is currently developing a plan of action to move forward with revising the Grievance Procedures.

d) Academic Honesty Code – The proposed revisions were reviewed and discussed with the committee. Consolvo and Cascio will be presenting the suggested revisions to the Academic Standards Committee sometime this month.

3. Old Business

a) Discrimination (Diversity) language in the Student Handbook – Jessup passed out a handout that had all the information that Shakira Bandolin collected last year when working on this matter. The proposal for the language was not submitted last year. Jessup reviewed Northwest University’s policy on discrimination and thought it was well written and something we could consider. Jessup will respond to the inquire from the Diversity Committee indicating that this committee agrees that a policy needs to be developed but that the policy should be institutional – for all on campus, not just for students. Therefore, a general, inclusive campus policy should be developed.

b) Tailgating Policy – Cascio met with Director of Athletics and Director of Alumni Programs to discuss the revisions to the tailgating policy. Some revisions will be made in the spring and brought forward to the committee for review and discussion.


4. New Business

a) Simplified EOU live-in requirements – Jenkins brought forward the proposed revisions to the Live-in requirements. A brief discussion took place. A motion was made to approve the proposed live-in requirements and to present to University Council at 2:00 p.m. on Friday.  Motion passed.

5. Information Items

a) Housing Consultant Report – Jenkins indicated that a draft report of the consultant’s report has been received. Once the document has been finalized, it will be shared with the President’s Cabinet, Student Affairs Committee, and the Budget and Planning Committee. It was mentioned that the preliminary report suggests

      • Lower the cost
      • Review pricing
        • offer incentives for signing up for multiple years of residence
      • Create live-in communities
        • need an academic champion to assist with this initiative

In addition, the consultant indicated that Residence Life is working on a bare-bones budget.

b) Summer Room and Board Fees – Jenkins reported that the summer fees have been set. It was mentioned that food costs have increased by 7%, which include delivery fees, minimum wage increases, etc.

c) Dining Revisions – Jenkins indicated that the fire suppression system in Mac’s grill will be repaired and the grill opened sometime this term. It was also mentioned that the Aramark contract has been renewed for an additional 5 years, with an additional 2 year option. The business plan for Aramark includes reviewing the EOU’s institutional mission and goals and aligning it with their own mission and goals. Aramark has done a fine job of listening to the students and staff and revising their operations accordingly.

6. F or the Good of the Order

a) Wolcott announced that the National Society of Leadership orientation was a great success. She was anticipating 50 participants and 112 individuals attended.

b) It was mentioned that the presidential search candidates will be on campus within the next two weeks. Students will have an opportunity to meet with each candidate.

c) Wolcott indicated that she will bring forward the Club Liability proposal to the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


The next Student Affairs Committee meeting will be held on March 11, 2009.
Submitted by Colleen Dunne-Cascio


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