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December 1, 2004



1.   Updates – No new updates

2.  Action Items

a.  Co-chair election – nominee: Jon Weyant – discussion about what the role of a co-chair would be for the remaining academic year.   ASEOU has suggested the creation of guidelines including how the Chair is selected for the committee.   Discussion revolved around having future Chairs be either automatically assigned to the Campus Affairs Exec Officer or a Senator or an appointee of ASEOU who would report back to ASEOU.   Motion to appoint Jon Weyant as Co-Chair was made and seconded.   Jon Weyant’s nomination was approved unanimously.


b.  Constitutional Amendment approval (see Suggested changes from Schools )   – discussion about eliminating two year requirement for student appointees; discussion about current proposals wording and recommendations from the different colleges; discussion about the Assembly Meeting on Dec. 7 th and that the committee will ask for an electronic ballot for the constitutional changes to ensure that quorum requirements have been met.   Motion to approve current proposed constitutional changes made and seconded.   Proposed current constitutional amendment passed unanimously.   Please note that no ex-offico member voted.


c.  Revisit and re-approval of the proposed EOU Live-in Policy – discussed the latest version of the proposed policy including the changes that married students would be exempt and students on campus after two years would be exempt; discussed the misunderstandings of what ASEOU interpreted the proposed policy as being; discussed the implications for international students and made sure that they were also eligible to apply for a waiver.   Motion to approve the revised proposal that was brought to the meeting and seconded.   Motion passed with Humberto Almeida abstaining.


d.  Student Code of Conduct Approval – discussed that the Chair had planned to act on this but after Sheldon met with ASEOU representatives who wanted to include the formal hearing process for first offenses in the proposal, it was suggested that the DOJ be contacted for further clarification of current policy.   This action item was tabled for discussion and consideration at a future meeting.

3.  Discussion Items

a.  Sexual Assault Policy Review and Revision   – SART program has been introduced to coincide with a new sexual assault policy with more discussion in January.   The committee felt that it would be a good idea to invite Tonia St. Germain, Thacher Carter and Marianne Weaver to the next meeting in January to provide insight.   The committee reviewed information that was sent to them by Tonia St. Germain regarding the policy at Antioch College to use as a possible template.   The wording was easy to read, friendly, humorous while still appropriate for a university.   Sex Signals program was briefly discussed as a good educational tool and that students responded well to it.   The committee hopes to vote on a policy revision in February.


4.  For the Good of the Order

a.   The Co-chairs will alternate running the meetings and both will meet with Sheldon prior to discuss the agenda.


b.   Next meeting will be at 3:30 pm on January 5 th for the first meeting of the winter term, however, this will not work for all members due to   scheduling conflicts.   The committee members are to e-mail recommended meeting times in an effort to establish a new scheduled meeting time and day.


Respectfully submitted by Jeff Dunbar.


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