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November 30th, 2006

  • Meeting to order at 1:17 p.m.
  • Nick thanked everyone for being here, with the end of the term and the weather
  • First Action Item:
    • Minutes, there was a mix up last meeting with the beginning of the minutes and who was be taking them.
    • Introduction – Molly Litchfield new member of the committee
    • Nick had a question about the minutes and if he seconded the motion on the Search and Seizure policy
    • Rebecca motioned to approve the minutes and Katie 2nd the motion
    • Any further discussion
      • Motion passes
  • Medical Withdrawal Policy with Thatcher Carter will be moved to around 2 p.m.


Steven – did his research on the policies of other University’s weapons policy


  • Discussion Items:
    • Time, Place and Manner policy – last year there was an old policy taken from Southern Oregon University and a new one was proposed but it was never approved last year.
    • Danny questioned why this policy? And Sheldon filled us in on the free speech qualifications and university’s trying to find ways to have free speech on campus that is not disruptive. Eastern needs a policy that everyone bids off on. Student Government last year took an interest in this policy and this is what they came up with last year. Colleen told us that the Department of Justice told us that our policy was lacking. Charles asked what they did not like about the policy. Colleen could not recall. Rebecca and Steven said there was probably a problem with #1 and #6.


Steven – Firearms Policy: got to every school but Portland States. They looked at the Student Code of Conducts and Residence Life Policies. He discussed each of the schools restrictions. Sheldon questioned the restriction of Eastern’s knife length, it is 6 inches, Colleen questioned if we need to take this to Campus Safety committee that approves this policy. She recommends we give that committee our situations. Katy likes Oregon States definition of weapons (knives). Rebecca wanted to know why this policy came up, and no one can quite recall it was a concern from last year. Sheldon said ours is the Firearm Policy and it should actually be called the Weapons Policy.

Sheldon asked how many guns are in the Residence Hall and Steven gave a rough estimate about 50 guns.


Suggestions: Give ideas to Steve Wadner, change from Firearm Policy to Weapons Policy and better definitions of weapons.


  • Introduction Thatcher Carter: Medical Withdrawal Policy
    • Rebecca asked why was this policy re-written. Thatcher said that they want to protect students that have mental or physical medical issues and prevents a student from completing the quarter’s work.
    • Rebecca questioned Standards of Withdrawal #6, problem with confidentiality and it will go to both the V.P. and Health Center. Releases with the provider, want this to be positive for the individual to get their act together.
    • Thatcher said that we want to expedite this not being a Code of Conduct issue but a Medical issue.
    • Rebecca suggests that the students sign a release form that their information will be exchanged with the V.P. of Student Affairs and the Student Health and Counseling Center on a need to know basis. Add to #5
    • Reviewed by Ben in the Oregon University System. – Suggest that we have the Department of Justice – Ryan.
    • Steven – questioned the students privacy, Thatcher shared that conduct issues fall under different qualifications. This policy is focused on the students behavior.
    • Nick wanted to point out some spelling.  Housekeeping; 2nd paragraph 4th line heath to health, Information Assessments – last sentence comma after one and comma after community. Last paragraph is a fragment and put a semicolon after fold.
    • Rebecca motions to approve this policy with the changes and Konnie 2nd the motion
    • Motion passes with the approval of the changes and the review of the Department of Justice


Good of the Order – Update: Sheldon; at this time we are not going to search for a Director of Student Union but search for Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Leadership who would report to Steven.


Colleen – with regards to the Student Hearing Committee – rest of the committee needs to go through a training and will be working on a universal manual. Suggest there be a mock hearing for the training.


Sheldon – met with new district attorney which turned out very productive


Meeting adjourned at 2:36 p.m.


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