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Assembly Student Affairs Committee

  November 3, 2004




Constitutional Changes – the changes were discussed and the power point presentation was reviewed. Some modifications to the presentation were suggested. The presentation will be given to the Arts and Sciences faculty in Huber Auditorium at 3:30 p.m.

2.  Action Items

Chair of Committee – a discussion regarding the chairmanship of the committee took place. It was confirmed that the chair of the committee serves for a one-year term. This year the committee has agreed to have two acting co-chairs this year. Nominations for co-chair should be submitted to Colleen Cascio at ccascio@eou.edu prior to the next meeting.

Approval of Minutes: the Minutes of the October 6, 2004 meeting was approved.


3.  Discussion Items

Student Code of Conduct – further discussion of the proposed changes to the Student Code of Conduct took place.   John Galliano, ASEOU President, expressed concern to Dr. Nord earlier in the day regarding what exactly Degree Revocation was. A definition has been added to the Student Code of Conduct.   Humberto will take the Student Code of Conduct to the Student Senate next week for their review and input.

Parent Notification Policy – clarification regarding the policy was sent to Student Government indicating that parents would be called only if it was deemed necessary and would not be automatic.

Live-in policy: Discussion and further review of the live-in policy took place.


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