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November 20, 2008



Present:             Doug Briney, Vivian Petersen, Heather Stanhope, Patti Girrard, Stephen Jenkins, Camille Consolvo, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Hailey Wolcott, Janet Jessup, Calli Nelson, Russell Waisanen, Ashley Cogburn, Katie Barnett (guest)


1. Welcome and Committee Membership

The Chair, Janet Jessup, welcomed everyone to the committee and everyone introduced themselves


2. Committee Charge

The Committee reviewed its charge. It was mentioned that last year there were housekeeping revisions recommended to the University Council. Dr. Consolvo recommended an additional revision of co-curricular instead of extra-curricular. It was noted that the University Council constitution does not have the updates approved last year. A discussion took place regarding the process of forwarding items to the University Council. It was determined that is the responsibility of the committee chair to forward such items. Cascio was asked to find the “duties and responsibilities” revisions that were voted on as a campus last year.


3. Student Affairs Committee Website

The Committee reviewed the website handouts that provided the address and the contents of the website. It was noted that the template for the website needs to be revised to reflect the new shared governance model (i.e., remove Assembly from the header). Cascio will contact the webmaster to initiate revisions. Additionally, the Committee asked Cascio to confirm that all members of the committee are on the list serve and posted on the website.


4. SAC Hearings Committee Training

A discussion took place regarding the SAC Hearings Committee responsibilities and training. The SAC Hearings Committee will hear cases on Fridays from 3-5 p.m. It was determined that the training will take place on Friday, January 9, 2009 from 3-5 p.m. in Hoke 301.


5.Old Business

      • Time, Place, Manner – Open Forum Policy

The TPM policy was discussed that included the history of the past few years regarding the development of the policy. For the past year, the policy has been on legal council’s desk. It was recommended that a subcommittee be formed to review and recommend a revised policy. It was suggested that the subcommittee look at our sister institutions, FIRE, ACLU, and other resources when researching and developing the recommended policy. A motion was made and seconded to form a subcommittee of five members of the SAC to work on the TPM policy. The subcommittee consists of Jessup, Wolcott, Petersen, Waisanen, and Nelson. The members of the subcommittee were asked to meet together at the conclusion of the SAC meeting to discuss times to meet. The subcommittee was asked to bring a recommendation back to the SAC (did we identify a timeline?)


      • Campus Weapons Policy

It was mentioned that the Campus Weapons Policy was approved and on the website. It was noted that this policy was brought forward by the Campus Safety Committee and a recommendation of approval was forwarded by the SAC.


      • Student Records Policy

The Student Records Policy revision was reviewed and the Committee was notified that it had been approved by Legislation and the State Board in August 2008. The revisions were related to the type of information submitted by the institution when requests are received. Specifically, the new policy states the student name, municipality (city, state), telephone number, and EOU email address be given.


      • Medical Withdrawal Policy

A review of the previous Medical Withdrawal Policy revision was discussed. Since the first submission for approval, there are additional revisions. Cascio will make the requested revisions and submit a revised draft to the Committee for review at the next SAC meeting.


6. Future Business

      • Academic Honesty Code

Cascio gave an update on the status of the proposed Academic Honesty Code. Dr. Consolvo and Cascio will review the proposal and then move forward with discussion with the Academic Standards Committee.


      • Student Code of Conduct Revisions

Cascio mentioned that there will be revisions throughout the year to the Codes of Conduct and revisions will be forwarded to the Committee for review, revision, and recommendation.


      • Policy reviews and revisions

Cascio mentioned that there will be policies and procedures to be reviewed throughout the year. They will be forwarded to the Committee for review, revision, and recommendation.


      • Student Travel Policy

The Student Travel Policy needs to be reviewed in collaboration with Risk Management. Cascio will schedule a meeting to review the Policy with Dr. Consolvo and Risk Management. If there are revisions, the policy will be forwarded to the Committee for review and recommendation.


      • Proposed Clubs and Advisor Policy

Wolcott discussed the proposal regarding the Clubs and Advisor Policy that deals with the level of involvement between advisor and clubs. The proposal recommends an annual evaluation and ways in which to encourage the building of relationships with advisors and students.


      • Team Against Bias

An item from last year, Team Against Bias, was raised. It was decided last year that there was no need for a Team since all the processes and players in the proposal already existed within Student Affairs and the Dean of Students Office.


      • Anti-Discrimination Policy

Cascio mentioned that the Diversity Committee has requested that an Anti-Discrimination Policy be added to the student handbook. Shakira Bandolin, a former student government member and diversity committee member, was working on the policy. The Chair will email Bandolin to discuss the matter.


      • Tailgating Policy

Dr. Consolvo indicated that there was an addition to the tailgating policy but that there needs to be discussions with various constituents, both on and off campus, to confirm that the new addition does not violate the current Tailgating Policy. Dr. Consolvo will update the Committee in the future.


7. Schedule Meeting Dates and Times

It was determined that the SAC would meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.. The Committee will be notified of the location.


8. For the Good of the Order

Wolcott shared with the committee that the Co-Ed Coat drive was a success. Thirty-two coats were distributed to students and eighteen will be donated to the senior center for their residents.


Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.


The next SAC meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2009.


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