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Assembly Student Affairs Committee

November 2, 2006

Alumni Room




1. Action Items


a. Approval of the minutes:  The minutes were accepted with no corrections by a unanimous vote.

b. Appointment of Committee Chair:

Sheldon proposes that the committee choose one of two plans that he has written up, or discuss another way of appointing a committee chair for each new year.  The two proposals he has written up are:


Option 1: The ASAC Chair will be selected during the first meeting of each academic year from among the student members of ASAC.  Student members may express their interest at the meeting, and the ASAC membership will vote on their selection.


Option 2: The ASAC Chair will be the ASEOU Vice President for campus Affairs.  In the event this individual is not able and/or willing, the ASAC Chair will be selected during the first meeting of each academic year from among the student members of ASAC.  Student members may express their interest at the meeting, and the ASAC membership will vote on their selection.


Discussion took place over the two proposals.


c. Appointment of Committee Secretary:

Sheldon also shared a written proposal of how a Secretary/Vice Chair could be chosen.  The document reads:


The ASAC Vice Chair/Secretary will be selected during the first meeting of each academic year from among the student members of ASAC.  Student members may express their interest at the meeting, and the ASAC membership will vote on their selection.


Discussion of this proposal for A-Sac Protocol was also discussed and in the end, a unanimous vote was made in favor of Option 2 for the selecting of a Chair for the Student Affairs Committee and Sheldon’s proposal for a Vice Chair/Secretary was included in this vote.


Nick Romriell accepted the protocol and position as chair of the committee.  A nomination for Konnie Zacharias was made for Vice Chair/Secretary.  Her nomination was passed by acclamation.



d.   Student Hearing Committee:


Gretchen questioned last year’s changes, but we have not approved them – Sheldon discussed last meeting to look at it this meeting. Kenn had a question about classified staff only having one member on the Hearings Committee. Gretchen discussed that we decided to have hearings on Friday and she will be available. Kenn: Instead of “each academic year,” change to “each hearing process.” Rebecca sees a problem with the hearing training and Kenn said the training the hour before the hearing is how we have dealt with it before. Rebecca feels every one should be trained. Sheldon and Colleen can be committed to an hour of training the first Student Affairs Committee Meeting of each year. Kenn sees that there is a problem with only having one classified staff and administrative faculty – Gretchen discussed that one classified staff and/or administrative faculty – Rebecca has a problem with the committee being heavy on the student side – Danny suggested we have a subcommittee and asked: do we need to go through HR to get approved for the subcommittee? Rebecca – issue with only one teaching faculty and is plagiarism – told her about conflict of interest – she suggested we have 3 students members and 3 non-student members.


  • 1.  Have an alternate not from this committee
  • 2.  3 students and 3 non-student members


Rebecca- Suggested we go with something that will work for this year and stick with committee members and then look at the broader range next year.





  • The Student Hearing Committee shall be selected by the Assembly Student Affairs Committee at the beginning of each hearing process. The Student Hearing Committee shall be comprised of 3 non-student members and 3 student members from the Assembly Student Affairs Committee. Disciplinary Hearings with the Student Hearing Committee presiding will be conducted with all members of the hearing committee present. The Student Hearing Committee designates before each hearing one of the three non-student members to be the chair.


Rebecca – Questioned legal issues about the Student Conduct process.  Stephen informed her about the legal system stating that others cannot use the information from these hearings (after 15 days they are destroyed).


Charles – questioned bullet 6 with unopened packer.  Proposes it be changed to (packet)


Rebecca – Proposes to strike bullet 3


Gretchen motioned for approval of the Student Hearing Committee with the changes and Kenn seconded the motion – motion passes unanimously.


2. Discussion Items


a. New committee member – Molly Litchfield


b. EOU Live – In Policy:


Stephen explains that the attorney caught something in the policy – #2 cannot not deny benefits, therefore, the 2nd point was more broadly defined as Family – A legally married couple under Oregon law, or a legally married couple with dependent children/child; or an unmarried person with legal custody of dependent children/child. One adult who lives with an unmarried qualified resident may be listed as a family member. Couples with recognized civil unions or domestic partnerships may also be considered.


Charles T. – questioned #5 about students that start at EOU not at the beginning of the year (appeals committee).


Rebecca motions to make a motion to make Live – In policy as an action – item, Gretchen seconds. Motion passes.


Gretchen motions to adopt item two, OAR 579-060-0140, Rebecca seconds – Motion passes.


c. Search and Seizure Procedures:


Stephen – Because of the situation for Residence Life Staff, solely and only have been crossed out, and if while conducting a plain view search other violations of University of Residence Hall policies are observed, staff will take appropriate measures to address the observed violations has been added.


Kenn motioned to move the Room Entry Procedures to an action item. Nick seconds – Motion Passes.


Gretchen motioned to approve this document with the changes. Kenn seconded.


Discussion:  Kenn states his feelings about a portion of the document already in place for the proposed document.  He feels that the definition of probable cause should be defined in some way to help the students. Stephen – Has an issue with putting procedures into the student handbook.  He explains that adding in the definition of probable cause and how Residence Assistants take care of this procedure is very lengthy.  He doesn’t want to have a huge book full of definitions and procedures for the students to read.  Charles M. – Asked if there had ever been a problem with students not willing to sign the contract to stay in the dorms– Stephen- Stated that students make the choice to come to this institution and that it is not a forced signature.


Motion to approve this document now entitled “Room Entry Procedures” instead of “Search and Seizure Procedures” with the changes in red by Residence Life passes unanimously.


d. Firearms Policy:


Rebecca – discussed having trigger locks when they bring them onto campus, but this is just the Residence Life policy.


Question: about those that hunt and leave early in the morning, they have to abide by the campus policy and must be in vehicle and have a trigger lock.


Kenn asked about blades less then 6”.  Are they not dangerous?  Stephen is trying not to prohibit pocketknives or Leather man – Kenn also asked about kitchen knives and asked how they are classified. Stephen – He will look into policies about knives being considered weapons. Kenn – Questioned about blunted swords and sabers in theater shows and also in the stage combat class.


Sheldon – Questioned firearm policy and suggested that maybe we look at changing to a weapons policy.  Gretchen – Suggested to look into other OUS firearm/weapons policies first. Stephen – Was willing to compile all that information.


Stephen – Students are responding positively and Residence Life has ordered an additional 35 trigger locks this year.


3. For the Good of the order –


  • Kenn: Attend the Show Pirates of Penzance. It opens Wed. the 8th of November at 8pm
  • Forum Nov. 16th Child Care 3-5pm
  • The next meeting will be held Nov. 30th at 1:15pm in the Alumni Room



Meeting adjourned at 3pm


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