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University Council Student Affairs Committee

November 1, 2012



Present:  Susan Whitelock, Genesis Meaderds, Camille Consolvo, Mikaila Wolf, Michelle Long, Robin Weinman, Le Alexander, Doug Briney, Mary Fields, Angie Adams, Deven Baremore


  1. Welcome and Introductions – Baremore welcomed everyone and committee members present introduced themselves and their representation.
  2. Action Items:
    1. Approval of Minutes – A motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the October 4, 2012 Student Affairs Committee. Doug Briney was not listed as in attendance and he was present at that meeting. Motion passed to approve the Minutes of the October 4, 2012 meeting with this revision.
    2. Approval of the Proposed ASEOU By-laws – Discussion about the rationale behind these changes occurred. Only on-campus incidental fee-paying students are members of ASEOU and thus, have a vote. Motion was made and seconded for approval of by-laws and went to a vote. Motion passed.
    3. Summer Room and Board Rates – Discussion about these proposed rates ensued. Motion was made to approve these and it passed.
    4. Schedule two, two-hour Student Hearing Committee Trainings in November – dates/times were offered, members stated when they could attend; these will be reviewed and members will be informed of the dates and times of the trainings as soon as possible.
  3. Updates:
    1. Animal Control Policy – Deven said he had talked with Sam McCumber, UC chair about where this stood.  She did some investigation and learned that it was with the Safety Committee.  Deven said he would follow up with her to determine the status of implementing this policy.
    2. Complaint and Grievance Policy Update – Consolvo indicated that the academic and went to Dean’s Council for review and it has not been forwarded on to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC). She will follow up with the Provost to determine the status of this policy with ASC.
    3. Parking Policy – Deven, as a member of the Parking Appeals Committee, shared that this committee is soon becoming the Parking Commission and will look at parking policy and implementation not just hear appeals. He learned that people needing handicap parking will not have to pay for an EOU handicap sticker.
  4. Discussion Items:
    1. Drug and Alcohol Policies – Committee reviewed the various policies related to alcohol and other drugs.  The Tailgating policy mentioned at the October 4 meeting will be reviewed by Alumni and Athletics.  Alcohol Beverage Use Policy and Drug and Alcohol Policy (University and State) will be reviewed by committee members prior to the December 6, 3-4 pm meeting.  Committee will bring ideas to that meeting about revisions. Both policies are found in the Student Handbook.

Meeting adjourned.



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