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Present:  Christy Oliveri, Patti Girrard, Robin Weinman, Stephen Jenkins, Camille Consolvo, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Le Alexander, Mitch Ornelas, Chris Heidbrink, Melanie Noell, Tawnya Lubbes


  1. Welcome and Introductions: Consolvo opened the meeting, welcoming all members. Each member present introduced themselves and identified the capacity for which they are serving on the committee.
  2. Committee Membership: A review of the Committee Members took place. It was noted that Melanie Noell needs to be added to the membership list as an administrative faculty representative and that there are still four open student seats on the committee.
  3. Committee Charge: The charge of the committee was reviewed. It was noted that there is a revised version of the charge. Cascio will look into that and provide the updated charge to the committee at the next meeting.
  4. Student Affairs Committee Website: The Committee was given the URL for the Student Affairs committee website.
  5. New Business:
    1. Schedule meeting dates and times – it was determined that the meeting dates and times would need to be tabled to the next meeting.
    2. Identify a committee chair – Mitch Ornelas and Chris Heidbrink were nominated to serve as chair. Ornelas declined and Heidbrink accepted the nomination. A motion was made and seconded that Chris Heidbrink serve as the committee chair. Motion passed.
    3. Student Conduct Hearing Training: a brief discussion took place regarding the date and time of the training. It was mentioned that the majority of the committee members have been trained and would not need to participate unless they would like a refresher. It was suggested that the training could occur in two, 2-hour sessions rather than one 4-hour session. This matter will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
  6. Unfinished Business Updates
    1. Policies that still need to be completed/addressed include:
      1. The Animal Control Policy
      2. Student Clubs and Organizations Manual (parts of it)
      3. The Facilities Use Policy – it was mentioned that this policy had been approved last year. Cascio will check on this and get back to the committee at the next meeting.

7. Future Business

    1. Polices that will be brought forward during the year include:
      1. The Student Code of Conduct
      2. Grievance Procedures
      3. Sexual Misconduct Policy (maybe)
      4. Travel Policy
      5. Military Active Duty Policy
      6. Emergency Transportation Policy
      7. Student Media Guidelines
      8. Academic Honesty Policy (maybe)

8. For the Good of the Order

    1. Leadership Resource Center – is for student clubs and organizations. It is located in Hoke 321. It has three PC computers and one Mac. The center opens tonight and will be open Sundays through Thursdays from 5-10pm. There will be another grand opening later in the year. Some amenities for students include a copy code and the beginning of a resource library. Please encourage clubs and organizations to utilize the space. They will need to reserve the space by contacting CSI (Robin).
    2. Assignment of New Space – the new arrangement for space allocations seems to be going well. The doors are open more and clubs and organizations are meeting in the evenings.
    3. Residence Life numbers – the occupancy for the residence halls are at 471. We set a record of opening numbers this year. There have been relatively few issues in the residence halls. Hunt hall is really popular. There was a waiting list to move to the newer halls and students chose not to. The reasons include the big open space, pool table, television area, the community atmosphere and social opportunities.
    4. Macs and Mountie Café – they are busy. Macs is now open from 7:30p-10p in addition to their 7:30a-5p.
    5. Bear Mountain Pizza contract – the contract has been signed with Bear Mountain Pizza to be able to deliver to the residence halls and students can use their flex/board meal dollars. A question arose as to how the delivery driver would get into the halls and it was mentioned that the resident that orders the pizza will let the driver in or meet them at the door.
    6. Career Services Workshops – careers in Student Affairs and Academic Advising are being explored this month. Student Affairs already presented and the Advising session will take place on Thursday at 4pm in Inlow Hall. Next week Admissions will be featured.
    7. Peace Corp – will be on campus Wednesday at noon in Inlow Hall, Room 201.
    8. Student Painters – the student painters will be recruiting for workers today and tomorrow.
    9. The Wellness and Healthy Relations Fair will be held on November 2 from 12-2 pm in the Hoke Main Lounge.
    10. The next blood drive is on November 16th.
    11. CSI and WRC are sponsoring a hair donation drive on November 13. For details contact Robin Weinman at 23704.
    12. International Education and Multicultural Awareness Week are coming up. Events will be posted to the website soon.
    13. The Out in Silence event will take place on November 9
    14. Safe Zone Training is tonight at 6pm


Meeting adjourned at 4:39 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Colleen Dunne-Cascio


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