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University Council Student Affairs Committee

 October 4, 2012


Present: Susan Whitelock, Genesis Meaderds, Camille Consolvo, Mikaila Wolf, Deven Baremore, Robin Weinman, Le Alexander, Felicia Pierce, Kimberly Mueller, Stephen Jenkins, Mary Fields, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Doug Briney

  1.  Welcome and Introductions – Consolvo welcomed everyone and thanked them for serving on the Committee. All committee members present introduced themselves and their representation.
  2. Committee Membership – Consolvo discussed the committee membership and their roles. It was mentioned that there are still two unfilled student seats on the committee. Meaderds indicated that she is working on filling the seats.
  3. Committee Charge – the charge of the committee was reviewed and discussed.
  4. Website – the Student Affairs Committee website was discussed. The website address is https://www.eou.edu/saffairs/ucsac/.
  5. Action Items:
    1. Election of Chair – a call for nominations was put forth. Deven Baremore was nominated and accepted the nomination. No further nominations were brought forward. A motion was made and seconded to close nominations and proceed with a vote. Motion passed. The voting took place and Deven Baremore was voted in as chair.
    2. Schedule Meeting Date and Time – it was determined that the first Thursday of the month at 3pm was the best time for the committee to meet.
    3. Approval of Minutes – A motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the May 17, 2012 Student Affairs Committee. A brief discussion took place regarding minor revisions. Motion passed to approve the Minutes of the May 17, 2012 meeting with identified minor revisions.
  6. Information Items:
    1. 2011-12 Year-End Report – the 2011-12 Year-end report was reviewed and discussed. A question was posed regarding the status of the Animal Control Policy and an update was given. It was requested that the chair contact the University Council chair and inquire about the status of the policy. The chair will report the response to the Committee at the next meeting.
    2. Complaint and Grievance Policy Update – Consolvo indicated that the committee did a great job on the proposed revisions of the academic and non-academic sections of the policy. It was mentioned that the sexual harassment and affirmative action section has been discussed with the Director of Human Resources and a recommendation that this section should be separated out from the academic and non-academic grievance procedures. The policy was forwarded to the Provost and Dean’s Council for review. It is currently under review by the Academic Standards Committee.
  7. Potential Action Items:
    1. Tobacco Free Campus – Consolvo indicated that Governor Kitzhaber declared that all state property will become tobacco free by 2014. President Davies is in the process of putting a committee together to work on the revision and develop an implementation plan. Once the plan has been formulated, it will come to the Student Affairs Committee for review and recommendation.
    2. ASEOU Constitution and Bylaws – it was mentioned that the ASEOU Constitution and Bylaws revisions will be brought forward at the next meeting for review and approval.
    3. Alcohol Beverage Use Policy – it was mentioned that it is time to review and revise (if necessary) the Alcohol Beverage Use Policy.
    4. Drug and Alcohol Policy (University and State) – it was mentioned that it is time to review and revise (if necessary) the Drug and Alcohol Policies.
    5. Medical Withdrawal Policy – it was mentioned that it is time to review and revise the Medical Withdrawal Policy.
    6. Time, Place, and Manner Policy – it was mentioned that it is time to review and revise (if necessary) the Time, Place, and Manner Policy.
    7. Tailgating Policy – it was mentioned that it is time to review and revise the Tailgating Policy.
    8. Others:
      1. Sexual Harassment Policy will be coming forward for our review and recommendation
      2. Student Hearing Committee Training – this needs to occur in November.
  8. For the Good of the Order
    1. An inquiry was made regarding the new campus parking policy. The policy was discussed briefly.


Meeting adjourned.



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