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University Council Student Affairs Committee

 October 21, 2011



Present: Doug Briney, Camille Consolvo, Kimberly Mueller, Jacque Nagele, Robin Weinman, Susan Whitelock


  1.  Welcome and Introductions: Consolvo opened the meeting, welcoming all members. Each member present introduced themselves and identified the capacity for which they are serving on the committee.
  2. Committee Membership: A review of the committee membership took place. Student vacancies still exist and ASEOU is currently recruiting for positions.
  3. Committee Charge: The charge of the committee was reviewed.
  4. Student Affairs Committee Website: The Committee was given the URL for the Student Affairs committee website and advised information regarding agendas, meeting minutes, current topics, etc. is located on the website.
  5. Chair Election: The need to elect a chair was discussed and tabled until the next meeting.
  6. Meeting Dates and Times: Two meetings a month will be scheduled. Colleen Casio will poll members to determine their availability.
  7. Training for the Student Hearing Committee: Committee members serve as members of the Student Hearings Committee and new members will need to be trained. Colleen Cascio will poll new members to determine dates of upcoming training.
  8. Potential Action Items for the Year:
    1. Military Leave Policy – Currently there is not a policy that addresses faculty working with students who are required to miss class due to a military event.
    2. Animal Control Policy – A policy has been drafted and is currently under review by the EOU Safety Committee who will make recommendations to the Cabinet.
    3. Student Code of Conduct Revisions – A policy revision has been drafted and is under review by the OUS Legal Department. The university is currently operating under the existing Student Code of Conduct.
    4. Grievance Procedures Review – As the current process addresses faculty, staff and student the grievance, the Provost has recommended procedures be reviewed by the appropriate departments. As such, Human Resources will review faculty and staff sections and Student Affairs will review policies relating to students.
    5. Medical Marijuana on Campus Policy – A more explicit policy needs to be developed to clarify rules related to green card holders.
    6. Gun Policy – Discussion ensued regarding the current Weapons Policy and recent Oregon Court of Appeals decision to reject Oregon Universities System ban on concealed guns on campus.
    7. Academic Honesty Code Revisions – Discussion ensued concerning the need for a change in process, not policy, relating to faculty speaking first with a student prior to reporting to the Student Affairs office, when academic honesty is in question.
    8. Travel Policy – Student Affairs, working with risk management, implemented a new streamlined process of travel paperwork. The campus has been notified this fall using a variety of methods.

Committee members suggested the list of potential action items be brought forward to the attention of the Cabinet.

9. Good of the Order:

EOU plays Carroll College in football on Sat. Oct. 22 at Eastern.

 Meeting adjourned.


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