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October 19, 2006


  1. Welcome and introductions of the committee.
  2.  Hoke and Student Activities Leadership Update: Sheldon discussed the Hoke and Student Activities leadership update. Sheldon will send the Committee the job description of Jeff Dunbar’s duties and who is currently taking on his role.
  3. Committee Chair and Secretary: Chair and Secretary undecided until we meet again, giving Sheldon and Colleen time to look at last years discussions.
  4. Review ASAC Constitution: Kenn Wheeler questioned #1 dealing with policies covering student activities does this include theater productions. Sadie feels that #1 is supposed to be read that way so students can recommend. Danny mentioned that maybe student activities should be capitalized, directing it to the Student Activities office. This could be a typing error. Charles asked about shared governance. In a few years is it a possibility that we won’t be an assembly committee anymore and be more of the forum structure? Sheldon agreed that it is a possibility. Sheldon suggested that we revisit the constitution at a later meeting.
  5. Meeting Dates and Times: Nick moved to discuss meeting dates and items, suggested Thursday afternoon. Kenn indicated that Arts and Sciences have college meetings at 3:15. Sheldon asked if we could move the meeting up to 1:15 p.m. Nick asked if Nov. 2nd worked for our next meeting and Nov. 30th for the last meeting for the term. Nov. 2nd could conflict with Kenn’s schedule because he has a show opening. Sheldon asked everyone to have their winter schedule for Nov. 30th meeting.
  6. ASAC website: Nick moved to talk about the ASAC website. Sheldon gave us the website address which is www.eou.edu/safffairs/asac/. This website will have the meeting agenda and minutes. Colleen will work on the website and will upload the information such as the minutes.
  7. Student Hearings Committee: Nick moved to discuss the Student Hearing Committee members. Sheldon gave the background regarding  the Student Hearing Committee. Kenn thinks that Student Hearings will be more significant and we will see more throughout the year. Sheldon thought everyone was on the Student Hearing committee. Kenn discussed having alternates. Have the student hearing on the 27th and then revisit the Student Hearing Committee, which should be on our agenda for the Nov. 2nd meeting.


Student Hearing: Friday Oct. 27th  

Vivian – administrative faculty

Charlie – student

Katy – student

Konnie – student

Doug  – faculty

Gretchen – classified staff


Sadie will be here today, but after this meeting some else will fill in her spot – not a permanent member.

  1. ASEOU/Student Affairs Forum: Nick moved to discuss the ASEOU/Student Affairs Forum. Sadie talked with Sheldon last year about students not having a place to discuss issues involving campus issues and that is how the forums came about. For the next meeting they are increasing advertisement to hopefully get more student involvement for Oct. 30th forum.
  2. Action Items: Nick moved to the Action Items.
    • Search/Seizure Policy – Sheldon will work with Steven and Colleen to get the information for the next meeting (Residence Life concerns). Sadie and Jack worked on it last year and this committee should be aware of the change.
    • Residence Life Firearm Policy – Mike D. had the proposed changes – Sheldon asked Steven to check on that Policy. Sheldon said the Hall Council will most likely take a look at these policies along with this committee. Steven said there will be small changes to the EOU Live-In Policy for the next meeting and Sadie will need to be here to participate in the discussion

Meeting adjourned at 2:41p.m and will reconvene on Nov. 2nd at 1:15p.m.


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