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January 5, 2005

Meeting Minutes



Present :   Elizabeth Boretz, Sharon Evoy, Joella DeVillier, Carol Franks, Jana Parmele, Sheldon Nord, Mike Daugherty, Jeff Dunbar, Ben Calhoun, Konnie Zacharias, Humberto Almeida, Amy Servid, Jon Weyant, Marianne Weaver (guest)


Absent :   Denny Swanger, Susan Roberts


The meeting was called to order by co-chair, Jon Weyant. To accommodate our guest and other committee members that need to leave early, we will go out of the agenda order today.


• Discussion Item

• Sexual Assault Policy: Dr. Marianne Weaver gave an overview and introduction of the Sexual Assault Response Program at EOU. The goals of the program is to:

•i. Create a more cohesive relationship with Shelter From The Story

•ii. Do a better job of taking care of students

Dr. Weaver also gave an overview of the Union County Sexual Assault Response Team and its relationship to the EOU SAR program.   Dr. Weaver also mentioned that there is a Sexual Assault conference in April if anyone is interested in participating, Colleen has the information.


It was suggested that the email summary of Sexual Assault Campus Awareness be emailed to the ASAC.


• Updates

• Constitution: the Committee was reminded that the on-line vote for the constitutional amendment of the duties and responsibilities of the committee will begin January 19, 2005.   Colleen was asked to request a voting reminder be sent out to the campus community.


• Discussion Item

• Academic Honesty Code: Elizabeth Boretz reminded the committee that the underlined portions of the Academic Honesty Code are the proposed changes. The proposal came out of a discussion with faculty a few years ago. The proposal has been to the schools (with faculty input solicited and received) and it is evident that the current policy is not being followed or enforced.   Elizabeth asked that the committee consider the questions at the end of the proposal and then we could move forward from there.   A discussion regarding the proposal took place.   It was mentioned at item #5, the word “required” be replaced with the word “encouraged.”   It was suggested that some Benchmarks or examples would help.   It was suggested that #5 be implemented into the new student orientation program.   The committee members were asked to review the questions and submit answers to the listserve at a-sac@eou.edu before the next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2005.


• Updates

• Student Code of Conduct Update: Sheldon indicated that there are just a few more suggested changes to the Code of Conduct. These revisions will be made and forwarded to ASEOU for review and approval, then to the Student Affairs Committee for the same.

• Residence Hall Update: Mike gave an update of the residence hall construction project. It was mentioned that we take possession on November 29, 2005 with move in right before winter 2006.   The backhoe is digging up the ground as we speak.   It was also mentioned that a committee has been formed to identify what will happen with Dorion Hall.   The new live in policy will go into effect Fall 2005.


• Action Items

• Approval of Minutes: the Minutes of the November 3, 2004 and December 1, 2004 Assembly Student Affairs Committee were approved.

• Meeting dates and times: A discussion took place regarding whether or not to continue at the same day and time.   It was determined to leave the meeting days and times as they are.


Meeting adjourned.


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