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January 31, 2007



Nick called the meeting to order at 2:10pm


Action Items:

Approval of Minutes for November 30, 2006

Katy made a motion to approve and Vivian second the motion, motion passes 6-0.


Schedule meetings for the remainder of the term, Nick would like two more meetings and asked if Wednesdays were open, but majority was “no.” Kenn suggested having a one-hour meeting on Wednesdays and Colleen suggested meeting 4 times with the one hour meetings. Colleen suggested a “special policy” meeting. Nick asked if a one-hour meeting from 2-3pm on every other Wednesdays would work for the committee. Feb. 14th from 2-3 and March 7th and 14th from 2-3. Sheldon suggest that on the March 14th meeting everyone have their schedules for spring term. Colleen also suggests checking with the room scheduling.


Steven went over the Residence Life Contract and the 62-page handbook. He feels that it would be more concise if they condensed all the policies and put the other information on the web site. Section V – Official petition form that the students would be able to fill out and Linda Overlock would be the first to look at the petitions. This would make things official for a process that has been unofficial. Kenn asked for clarification if this dealt with waivers, and the biggest waiver will be meal-plans. The next one is Section XI – Interim break fees and cancellation of contract fees, this would charge $75/week for staying in the residence halls during the breaks, before no charge. Katy asked about the summer break plan for athletics for those who come back for sports in August. The Athletics department is assessing this plan. Sheldon said at first this looks like we aren’t advocating students, however, other students would have to subsidizes those costs. Then this sections covers the Cancellation of contract, students will be required to pay $8 per contract day remaining in the contract if they choose to break their contract by moving off-campus. Kenn asked what these fees would be for a term. Steven said that if you moved out end of fall term the charge would be $1392. Residence life was hit hard with the low price in rentals. There are some exceptions with people on internships, studying abroad, family. Section III – No more than two stings of lights strung together, this is a fire safety provision. Kenn asked does this pertain to people putting up trees in Residence Life, the answer from Steven was “yes.” Section V – No cinder blocks, this is due to concern from maintenance and custodial staff. They are also leaving them behind in the hallways when they move. There are other options for putting the beds up. Section I(4) – No displays of empty of empty alcohol containers by anyone. Minors may not posses alcohol containers. The change prohibits students from creating “trophy” walls or “dead soldier” displays. The message sends what the residence halls don’t want. Kenn said that if an art major were building something with bottles they would have to seek a waiver.



Firearms policy changed to Dangerous devices with the recommendation from the committee. He also took out the length of the blade and changed it to being more specific. Kenn asked for clarification on a dirk, which is a two-blade knife.


Nick asked if there was any further discussion for the Residence Life Contract. Sheldon asked for clarification if there was any change in the intent of the impact and Steven said no.

Kenn motioned to approve and Vivian second.  Motion passes 6-0.



Information Item(s):

Nick said there is status on Time, Place, and Manner and Medical Withdrawal Policy and they were sent Ryan Hagamenn at OUS. In addition, the Firearms Policy was sent to Steve Wadner and Safety Committee, Sheldon suggest that the committee see it before it goes to President Council. Sheldon says, that the Time, Place, and Manner is becoming a national wide issue with the war in Iraq and would like the policy approved before any possible demonstrations break out.


Sexual Harassment policy – Steven is on a committee where they are looking at the policy to see if it is working. The biggest thing they are seeing is difficult understanding and reading of the policy. The group is looking at making specific bulletin of the issues and the link to more understanding. There is a strong feeling that there are people on campus who are advocates in this area and feel people don’t know where to take their complaint or people to talk to. Colleen said if they go to toward the advocacy program then there needs to be training on how to be an advocate, what your role is, and what to do and not do. Steven agrees with this suggestion. Nick asked about where this policy went, Sheldon said that it went to the assembly. The President will look at the recommendations.



Kenn asked about the last grievance went smoothly.

Nick asked about new hearing manual and the Student Hearings Committee will have a chance to look over it. Sheldon suggest looking over it in the Spring, it will be a long process though. Question dealing with Friday’s hearing: when the incident took place was there jurisdiction, dealing with off campus behavior.


Good of the order:

Colleen asked about Doug’s schedule and Wednesday’s 2-3 this did not work for him. Thursday’s 2-3 were better.

Sheldon feels we have quite a productive committee and we shouldn’t be to hard on ourselves. Doing a great job!


Meeting adjourned at 3:04pm



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