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January 17, 2013


Present: Robin Weinman, Le Alexander, Doug Briney, Mary Fields, Camille Consolvo, Michelle Long, Stephen Jenkins, Mikaila Wolf, Genesis Meaderds, Deven Baremore


December 6, 2012 minutes – Moved and approved

Drug and alcohol policy review

Camille discussed the need to review the policy and create separate policies for students and employees. Stephen Jenkins, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Marianne Weaver, and Camille collaborated on the proposed draft. Required to notify students annually of policy, laws, and risks related to alcohol and other drugs

Doug stated he is not aware of any city ordinances re: drug and alcohol policy. Action Item: Camille will check with LGPD.

Mary asked if this is a policy for all students or just for students on-campus. It is for all students. EOU Counseling Center provides counseling referrals, consultations, and/or options even if student is not a La Grande campus student. Counseling Center provides resources available in other communities if needed. We added “EOU” before Student Health Center and Counseling Center. Change of policy title proposed by Doug Briney. “Student Alcohol and other Drug Policy” proposed as new title.

We agreed to add information about other EOU policies that may also apply and then add them in an appendix (i.e., Tailgate Policy, Housing Contract, Student Conduct Code).

Need to add drug class information and any city/local ordinances once Camille hears back from LGPD. We will review revised draft at the next meeting.  Stephen updated policy on his computer at the meeting based on comments from committee members.

Student Hearings Trainings

Looked at times to finish part 1 trainings and will then schedule part 2 trainings.

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Meeting Adjourned.


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