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University Council  Student Affairs Committee

January 12, 2012



Present: Christopher Heidbrink, Elizabeth Moreno, Dylan Lawrence, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Kimberly Mueller, Christy Oliveri, Melanie Casciato, Le Alexander, Stephen Jenkins

  1.  Welcome and Introductions: C.D-C. opened the meeting, welcoming all members. Each member present introduced themselves. It was noted that we still need full membership from students: we currently have three students serving on the committee.
  2. Approval of the minutes from the October 31st meeting took place. K.M. moved to approve the minutes, all were in favor.
  3. Chair Election: K.M. nominated herself as Chair, and also nominated L.A. C.H. moved to close nominations, all were in favor. Voting took place by written ballot; K.M. received 5 nominations, L.A. received 3. Kimberly Mueller is the new Chair.
  4. C.D-C. notified the committee that the student conduct committee hearings training will take place on either January 19th or 27th, and those who have not gone through the training are required to do so. C.D-C. will send out a doodle to figure out training times.
  5. Discussion items:
    1. There is a student hearing for the hearings committee scheduled for January 20th 2012, and a faculty member and three students are needed at the hearing. Elizabeth and Dylan can attend; need one more student.
  6. Policy updates:
    1. Military leave policy: C.O. is working on this policy, and it is currently being reviewed by the registrar’s office. K.M. had a question about how new policies are communicated across campus, and C.D-C. described the approval process and assured her that new policies are communicated to constituencies across campus when approved.
    2. Code of Conduct revisions: This was sent to legal counsel last year; once it is approved by them it will begin the approval process on campus.
    3. Grievance policy: C.D-C. discussed each category of grievance and the person on campus who would be reviewing that section of the policy/procedures.
    4. Academic Honesty Code: C.O. has been working on this, it will come to the Student Affairs Committee after it has been presented to/approved by the Academic Standards Committee.
  7. For to Good of the order:
    1. S.J. will be bringing the medical marijuana policy to this committee soon; in addition, as well as the room and board rates for next year.
    2. Campus master plan forum Jan. 26th at 6 p.m.
    3. K.M. stated that the Health Speaker series is beginning; first one tonight at 6 p.m. in Huber.

Meeting Adjourned.


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