Unit name: SLOAP

LO Code: SA01b

Description of learning activity:

Develop and facilitate a writing learning outcomes workshop using the affinity goal setting technique.

1. How does this activity complement the University and Student Affairs mission?

Assessment activities assist the University by providing the framework, focus, and feedback necessary to evaluate how EOU guides student inquiry and tests how well University activities are integrated. Assessment documents how student learning is holistic, reflective, purposeful, and leads to responsible action in a wider world. Assessment helps the Student Affairs Division by providing the means to plan, manage, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and activities in leading students to be integrated members of the EOU academic and larger communities. It can also evaluate how well the student Affairs Division promotes access and provides services to students in pursuit of their academic and career goals, and personal development.

2/3. List the Student Learning Outcome Clusters that apply and Student Learning Domains that may be achieved through participating in this activity:

2. List Learning Outcome Cluster (A-E)

3. List Learning Outcome Domains (1-33)

A. Intellectual Development

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

B. Practical Competence

11, 12

C. Citizenship


D. Self-awareness


E. Managing Life Skills


4. Outcome Statement:

By participating in the workshop and being actively engaged in the affinity goal setting exercise, participants will learn to effectively facilitate a process that organizes and guides goal setting around specific topics. Participants will also be able to analyze information and write learning outcome statements for specific activities, programs, or goals.

5. How will achievement of learning outcome be assessed?

Participants in the workshop will be organized into teams of four to six individuals. The facilitator will observe group interactions and guide/prompt when prudent. Each team will record and share their efforts in organizing activities under themes that support the goals outlined in the workshop. Each group will also write learning outcome statements for each theme or heading identified through the affinity goal setting process and share them with the entire group. Learning outcome statements will be reviewed and edited by the facilitator and final statements will be made available to the group as examples for future work. A survey will be conducted of each participant to gain feedback on the efficacy and value of the workshop.



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