Learning Outcomes Codes

Office of Student Affairs

Student Learning Outcome Codes

Student Affairs (SA01-20)

SA01a – Develop SLOAP Planning and Assessment Guides

SA01b – Develop and Facilitate Learning Outcomes Development Workshop

SA01c – Consult with professional staff and review developed learning outcomes

Athletics (SA21-40)

SA21 – Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics/Team Sports

SA22 – Positive Citizenship and Character Development

SA23 – Wellness and Recreation

SA24 – Team Development (Coaches)

SA25a – Academic Game Plan

SA25b – Mountie 3 Strike Rule

SA25c – Membership and Participation on the Team

SA26 – Team Development (athletes)

SA27 – Camp Participation (athletes and campers)

SA28 – Parade Participation (athletes)

Center for Student Involvement (SA41-50)

SA41a – Student Leadership Program

SA41b – Student Leadership Conference

Counseling Center (SA51-60)

SA51 – Individual and Group Therapy

SA52a – Residence Hall Community Based Outreach Program on transitions

SA52b – Suicide Gatekeeper Training w/Residence Hall Staff

Housing and Student Life (SA61-80)

Multicultural Center (SA81-90)

Student Relations (SA91-100)

SA91a – Student Conduct Program Orientation

SA91b – Student Conduct Program Hearings Officer, hearings committee, and RH staff Training

SA91c – Student Conduct Program Individual Information Meetings with students

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