Unit Name: Eastern Oregon University (EOU) Football Program

LO Code: SA25c

Description of learning activity or program:

Membership and Participation on the Team


1. How does this activity complement the University, Student Affairs, or unit’s mission, or meet the unit’s objectives?


The EOU Football Program complements the University, Student Affairs and Athletic Department’s mission and objectives by fully developing its members as students, men of character, and athletes. The Football Program endeavors to connect the University with the Eastern Oregon region, and reflect high standards of studentship, sportsmanship, fair play, and concern for the individual and community by promoting and facilitating the attitudes of winning/graduation, enjoyment, and growth.


The EOU Football Program ascribes to the NAIA Champions of Character programs throughout the year and assists in the understanding of character values in sport and provides practical tools for student-athletes, coaches and parents to use in modeling exemplary character traits.


2/3. List the Student Learning Outcome Clusters that apply and Student Learning Domains that may be achieved through participating in this activity:

2. List Learning Outcome Cluster (A-E) 3. List Learning Outcome Domains (1-33)

2. List Learning Outcome Cluster (A-E)

3. List Learning Outcome Domains (1-33)


A. Intellectual Development


B. Career Prep/Practical Competence


C. Citizenship


D. Self-awareness


E. Managing Life Skills



4. Write the student learning outcome statement for this activity.


By participating in the EOU Football program, each student will participate in the enhancement of the success of the program (both in the classroom and on the field); become a member of a team that wins every time it competes (literally and morally); learn to set and achieve high expectations for others and self in the community, classroom and on the playing field; learns to enjoy and interact with the EOU (other athletes, staff, students, faculty) and local communities; and see there is importance in setting goals and striving to be the best they can be in life.


5. How will the achievement of this learning outcome be evaluated, measured, or assessed? Describe measures to be used.


Our Mission statement and The Champions of Character program is a vehicle for character development and focuses on the building of great programs. The students will be evaluated and assessed by utilizing exit interviews, weekly Leadership Council meetings with Student / Athletes involved with the football program, and the overall performance of the team.



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