Unit Name: Eastern Oregon University Football Program

LO Code: SA25b


Description of learning activity or program:


Mountie 3 Strike Rule


1. How does this activity complement the University, Student Affairs, or unit’s mission, or meet the unit’s objectives?


By ascribing to the Football Program’s Mountie 3 Strike Rule, student athletes will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make sound decisions regarding their personal conduct as it relates to themselves, their team, and the campus and local community. In addition, student-athletes ascribing to the 3 Strike Rule meet the athletic department’s strategic priority of “promoting good citizenship via responsible and reflective action in community affairs.


Mountie 3-Strike Rule

Personal Conduct

Disciplinary Actions

Academic Responsibility

Positive Voice

Solid Role Model

Dependable and Responsible

Use good manners and be courteous of all associated with EOU

Abuse of Alcohol will not be tolerated while in Residence Halls or representing EOU

Any use of illegal drugs will result in immediate suspension from program

Respect teammates and their belongings

No hazing

Association of any gambling is prohibited

Represent self in a first-class manner/personal presentation

Draw attention for the good things that we do

Coaching staff will determine when there is a breach of conduct

Not everyone will be dealt with the same – everyone will be dealt with

Disciplinary actions will differ with severity of offense and frequency

Disciplinary actions (strike system) include verbal reprimand, behavioral contract, suspension from practice and games, extra conditioning, and/or expulsion

AGP Daily is mandatory will be on point system

Attend all classes

Only classes missed will be for team travel/excused

If not traveling, you will go to class

Poor academic performance will result in loss of scholarship, removal from team, loss of eligibility, and the imposition of extra conditioning

All Strikes will Carry Mountie Reminders!

Minimum 2 Strike Examples

Minimum 1 Strike Example

Alcohol Violations

Academic Dishonesty

Community – Residence Hall violations

Missing any scheduled team appointments or community projects

Skipped or late to class/ weights/ meetings/ training room



2/3. List the Student Learning Outcome Clusters that apply and Student Learning Domains that may be achieved through participating in this activity:

2. List Learning Outcome Cluster (A-E) 3. List Learning Outcome Domains (1-33)

2. List Learning Outcome Cluster (A-E)

3. List Learning Outcome Domains (1-33)



A. Intellectual Development


B. Career Prep/Practical Competence


C. Citizenship


D. Self-awareness


E. Managing Life Skills



4. Write the student learning outcome statement for this activity.


By ascribing to the Mountie 3 Strike Rule and adhering to the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) policies student-athletes will learn how to accept accountability for their actions, develop self-discipline, become responsible citizens of the campus and local community serve as a role model for fellow student-athletes, and improve team relations. In addition students will demonstrate dependable behavior that supports the SCC as it relates to substance use and abuse.


5. How will the achievement of this learning outcome be evaluated, measured, or assessed? Describe measures to be used.


The achievement of this learning outcome will be evaluated and measured by the reduced number of strikes a student -athlete obtains each term, which can not exceed three (3) strikes in any given term. The desired outcome is that a 75% decrease of the student-athlete’s previous term strikes from term to term, resulting in 0 strikes by end of academic year per athlete. In addition, the reduction of student incident reports of poor behavior (drug and alcohol use) as defined by the number of individual and team strikes each academic year will be assessed.



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