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Xavier Romano
Vice President for Student Services

Universities are not unlike chapters in a book. Forever evolving and hopefully never stagnant and droll. This analogy works for me when I think of Eastern Oregon University and the role that this community – “our community” – will play in your life. “YOU” are one of the authors in our exciting collegiate story!

The 2015-2016 academic year at Eastern Oregon University is in fact historic as we are in the midst of substantial evolution and change. We have moved from being a part of the Oregon University System to an autonomous self governing public university with an incredible Board of Trustees who are singularly dedicated to our collective success. Politically this is incredibly important as we will no longer be lost in the political morass surrounding Eugene, Corvallis or Portland. Instead we are now accountable to you – our students and to our Board of Trustee’s who are passionate about Eastern Oregon University.

This website introduces you to the Division of Student Services which provides you an exciting range of opportunities, support and engagement. The Division is comprehensive in scope and intentionally so in order to meet the needs of each and every EOU student. We do not operate from a “template” as do so many State Universities. Rather, expect the personalized focus that you deserve. No two students are alike and understandably so.

We are Oregon’s only rural university dedicated to student access and opportunity. Having the privilege to be located in the scenic Blue Mountains means that we are blessed with one of the most unique and beautiful university environments. Having the deer roam our campus grounds is not the rare occurrence but just another day at EOU! One word keeps coming up when people see this campus…”stunning!”

As you explore the range of Student Services ask yourself what will you contribute to “our” collective story at Eastern Oregon University? I assure you it is going to be a great read!

Welcome to your place in the Blue Mountains at Eastern Oregon University.

Most sincerely,

Xavier Romano
Vice President for Student Services

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