Family Student Housing – Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Communication/Interaction with Residence Life

It is very likely that most of a tenant’s contact with the Residence Life Office regarding family housing will be handled by office staff. They will also come in contact with the court manager. The court manager lives at 810 12th St. The manager’s name, address, telephone number and emergency call list is posted in the central laundry room. The manager is responsible for checking in tenants and issuing their keys, familiarizing tenants with the units and connected areas, and checking tenants out after their lease is terminated. The manager maintains keys, records, and supplies in the storeroom. The manager is the resource person if an apartment needs something, or a tenant has some questions regarding life at Eocene Court. Please remember that the manager is also a student/staff and lives a student/staff schedule. He or she may not always be available due to classes, family commitments and/or approved time away, especially during holidays. Even managers need a little quiet time to keep their heads together. The manager is generally available during the week, but please make late evening calls for emergencies only.
Tenants can pick up an emergency call list from the Residence Life Office.
Student workers are hired to perform a number of tasks around the apartment complex, including summer maintenance, laundry room custodial services, and live-in manager functions. The manager supervises the other student workers at the Court and makes sure services like cleaning the laundry room and clearing the sidewalks of snow around the laundry room are done.

Smoking Policy

Institutional policy prohibits smoking in all buildings on campus and in institutionally owned off-campus facilities. In residence facilities, smoking can only be in private areas if it is not entirely prohibited. Based on recommendations from tenants and by action of the University Student Affairs Committee, smoking is prohibited in apartments, the laundry room, and within ten feet of any doors or windows at Eocene Courts.

Paying Rent

Currently, rent for the family housing units is $350 per month. This is charged to the tenant’s student account and they would pay for their rent through the Student Accounts office. Rental rates will be periodically reviewed and adjusted according to the procedures as outlined by the Oregon Administrative Procedures Act. Tenants must follow policies for making payments regularly. Being delinquent in rent payments for 30 days or more is grounds for eviction.

Keys and Security

Responsibility for basic security for apartments rests with the tenant. Keys to door locks are issued at check in. Should a tenant lose or fail to return an apartment key, it should be reported to the manager or Director of Residence Life. The door lock will be re-keyed at the tenant’s expense (approximately $30) and new keys issued. Keys to the laundry room are issued at check in. A $30 security fine will be charged for any lost or unreturned keys. The laundry room is periodically re-keyed and new keys are issued to all tenants.


At all times, tenants are responsible for your apartment and the behavior of their family and friends. Tolerance and consideration for other tenants and children is appreciated. If problems occur, speak with the tenant in question first, and work out a mutual agreement. Further problems should be referred to the court manager. If Residence Life assistance is desired, submit a request in writing to the Director of Residence Life.


Rent includes water, sewer, and garbage collection services. Tenants must have electrical and natural gas services registered in their name within five working days of their move-in date.
Avista Natural Gas 1-800-483-5100
Oregon Trail Electric Coop 541-963-3155
2408 Cove Ave (corner of Cove & 21st streets)
TV (optional): Charter Communications 866-731-5420
1912 4th Street


Tenants receive a key to the laundry room at check in. Laundry machines are not coin operated and a laundry card is issued to the tenant at check-in. Money can be added to the laundry card at the card machine located outside of Mac’s Grill in Hoke Union Building. Laundry services are for tenant use only. Non-tenants are not allowed to use the facilities. Tenants can only use the facilities for their immediate families’ laundry. Violation of this may result in loss of laundry room privileges. Tenants must do their part to keep the laundry room clean. This includes cleaning dryer vent screens after each use and placing lint and litter in the waste can. The resident staff cleans the laundry room weekly.


One off-street parking space is available for each apartment. Special parking areas are set aside for visitors, motorbikes and bicycles. Off-street parking for tenants with more than one vehicle is on a space available basis only. Parking for trucks (other than pickups), work vehicles, trailers, and snowmobiles is generally not available in Eocene Court off-street parking. Vehicle storage may be available near Eastern’s Plant Services. Permission for vehicle storage must be approved by the Director of Residence Life.


Only one adult, indoor cat will be permitted in each unit. Kittens (a new litter) are not allowed in the apartments. With the exception of assistance animals, all dogs are prohibited. Cats must be litter box trained and remain indoors unless supervised. Litter boxes must be properly cleaned daily, which includes double bagging of waste and disposal outside in the dumpster. Waste cannot be flushed down the toilet. Any outside evidence of pet waste must be collected by the pet’s owner and promptly and properly disposed of. Pets are not to be left unattended in the unit for extended periods of time (longer than two full days). Animals should not be left unattended for more than one day in cases of extreme weather conditions (hot summer days). A $50 refundable pet deposit and $25 non-refundable cleaning fee will be charged to cover any damage which might occur due to the pet. All pet related complaints such as noise, odor, allowing animal to run at large outside of unit, having unapproved or unregistered pets, etc. will receive one warning. If the problem is not immediately remedied, approval for the pet will be terminated, the pet deposit forfeited, and the tenant will have 30 days to vacate. Appeals will be heard by the Eocene Court Manager or the Director of Residence Life. This is a privilege, not a right, and therefore can be revoked at any time for reasonable cause as determined by the Eocene Court manager or Director of Residence Life. Cats will only be allowed under the guidelines listed. Any tenant wishing to house a pet cat must seek advanced approval. Applications are available in the Residence Life Office. Applications can be denied if it is determined by the Director of Residence Life or the Eocene Court manager that issuing a permit is not within the best interests of the Eocene Court community.

Quiet Hours

Because of the concentration of living units, special quiet hours must be observed between 10pm and 7am; 9am on Saturday and Sunday.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage dumpsters are emptied weekly.
Electrical Appliances/Furnishings
Refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, and heating units are supplied and cannot be substituted. Drapes are provided. Auxiliary electrical heating devices, washers, dryers, wood stoves, freezers, pianos, and organs are not allowed. A working smoke detector is provided for each apartment. It is against the law to tamper with and make unusable the smoke detector. It is the tenant’s obligation to routinely check the detector and report any problems or disrepair immediately to the Court’s manager or Residence Life Office.

Personal Belongings

It is the tenant’s responsibility to carry insurance on their own belongings. The state does not insure private property such as furniture and belongings.

Care of Apartments

Alterations such as painting, wallpapering, carpeting, etc, may not be made to the apartment without permission from the Director of Residence Life. Generally, the University inspects units prior to renting for painting and repair needs. All electrical, plumbing and permanent carpentry work will be done by University employees. Paint and materials will be supplied by Eastern at its discretion. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that their apartment is cared for properly during their absence (for example, the heat should be left on during winter to at least 40 degrees to prevent frozen pipes). If a problem arises through negligence (for example, the plumbing becomes plugged), tenants may be charged for repair costs. Tenants are responsible for all appliances supplied by the University. Any damages, other than “normal wear and tear” will be charged to their student account. No court property may be removed from the apartment, once tenants have signed the inventory and moved in without permission from the Residence Life Office. Please note that draperies must be dry cleaned. The University reserves the right to enter apartments for maintenance and safety reasons. Tenants are required to sign a maintenance request and release form before University employees will enter the unit. In emergency situations related to maintenance and safety, if tenants are not immediately available, Eastern employees may enter the unit only when a minimum of two people can be present and only for specific repairs for emergency maintenance and safety. The University’s ground crew does the lawn mowing at the Court. Tenants are responsible for keeping outside areas around their apartment clean of debris and litter. Parents are expected to keep children’s toys picked up so as not to create a safety hazard. The grounds crew will remove snow from major street sidewalks and parking areas. Tenants will need to shovel sidewalks from your porch to main walkways and to cooperate with grounds crews personnel when cars must be moved to clear parking areas. The manager will clear sidewalks to the laundry room entrances.
Once tenants have moved in, they probably will want to make their apartment and their stay at the court as comfortable as possible. We offer the following suggestions for the care and feeding of the apartment: kitchen drains (and others) will occasionally clog from soap, hair, grease and food particle build-up. Grease should not be poured down drains, but placed in an old can and dumped in the garbage. Fill the sinks with hot water once a week and pull the stopper. This will help keep the drains flushed and running free. Refrigerators like to be cleaned inside and out occasionally with soap and water. An open box of baking soda placed on a shelf in the refrigerator will help absorb food odors and help keep foods from acquiring new tastes. The stove also needs occasional cleaning. Wash the outside to keep it free from grease build-up. Oven cleaning with a commercial oven cleaner needs to be done every once in a while. Before leaving or retiring, be sure the burners and oven are turned off. Cardboard boxes used for moving should be disposed of. Insects are readily transported from place to place in the corrugated sides of cardboard boxes. General apartment cleanliness is important for tenants and their family. A clean apartment is a healthier one, and will have fewer problems with insects. Cleaning and rinsing bathrooms at least weekly, and preventing grease build-up on stoves, refrigerators, cabinets and counter tops are good preventive measures. La Grande does get cold in the winter and water pipes have been known to freeze. A few precautions during extremely cold weather will guard against a major plumbing bill. Do not turn off the heat when away for a holiday or break during the winter. Leave cupboard doors open under sinks so heat can circulate. It may even be necessary, as temperatures approach 0 degrees F outside, to let the hot and cold water taps run every so slightly.
Apartment decoration is fun, makes the unit more comfortable, and is encouraged. However, it is important that tenants avoid leaving their mark for all future residents. Please use only non-permanent decorations that will be easily removed.


Despite all the care tenants shower on their apartment, they may occasionally have some problems that require maintenance assistance. Maintenance request forms can be obtained from the student manager, from the supply in the laundry room, or from the Residence Life Office. Maintenance requests may be turned in to the manager or directly to the Residence Life Office. The manager will respond to requests within one working day or have a maintenance repairman from Plant Services respond. The student manager handles minor repairs, but major ones are submitted to the Residence Life Maintenance Shop. If tenants have not had anyone respond within one working day, they need to call the Residence Life Office. We can follow up from our end. Tenants need to remember that maintenance staff have a regular schedule and want to go home after their shift. They normally work 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If, however, tenants feel they have an emergency, they should contact the student manager. If that does not work, they need to use the emergency call list. It is our goal to have emergency repairs conducted on the day of the request, essential services repaired within two days, and minor inconveniences within one week. Maintenance staff, armed with a tenant’s request form, will knock on your door twice; if no one responds they will stick their heads in or yell “maintenance.” If no responses come forth they will enter and begin working. If a tenant is not at home, the maintenance staff will leave a tag stating what they have done and any special instructions for the tenant.

Emergencies & Maintenance

Sometimes you may feel you have an emergency on your hands and the student manager is not available. An emergency call list is located in the laundry room and is updated as needed. You may request a list from the Residence Life Office also. The telephone numbers are in call order.
Eastern has a campus safety/security staff that patrols campus grounds. Each staff member, when on duty, carries a radio for two-way communication with the base station, police and telephone. Their telephone number is 962-3350 during regular business hours or 541-962-3911 for emergencies. They carry master keys and can assist you if you’re locked out of your unit and the manager is not available.
La Grande City Police have their station near the west end of the University campus on 6th street. Their office number is 963-1017. Their emergency number is 911.


We discourage the use of deck areas and ground level enclosures for personal storage. Not only does it make the complex look cluttered, they are also not the safest or driest places for storage. If tenants seem to have more stuff than they know where to put, they should contact the student manager. Storage space is tight, but we might be able to work out something. All storage is at the tenant’s risk.

Renter Assistance

Northeast Oregon Housing Authority, 2608 May St. 963-5360, manages special rental assistance programs. They have special application procedures and qualifications for those seeking assistance.

Terminating Your Lease

Voluntary Termination – Oregon law requires 30 days written notice, but the Residence Life Office will accept prior notice of intent to vacate if it is received 10 working days in advance of the checkout date. All termination notices must be in writing and directed to the Residence Life office. Be sure to make an appointment 48 hours in advance with the student manager or Residence Life Office for the day and time the official checkout is to be conducted. A housing staff member will meet you at the appointed time and go through the apartment and the IACF. You will be asked after the inspection to turn in keys and sign the IACF.
Involuntary Termination – An Eocene Court apartment lease agreement can be terminated by the University for several reasons. In almost any case, a written notice will be sent 30 days in advance. Some reasons for termination may include: delinquency in rental payments, abandoning the apartment, failure to maintain student status, non-compliance with Eocene Court policies and violations of Eastern’s Student Conduct Policy.

Checking Out

Whenever possible, the Eocene Court manager and a Residence Life maintenance staff member will be present for the move out inspection. Tenants are expected to leave the unit in a clean and presentable condition. This includes cleaning all kitchen appliances; cleaning cupboards, sink, and counter; cleaning all bathroom fixtures, washing marks off of walls and ceilings, sweeping and mopping floors, removing all personal belongings, and removing trash from the unit. The unit will be deep-cleaned by a member of the maintenance staff. Any hours spent cleaning beyond 8 will be billed to the vacating tenant. Management Services Operations of the family apartments come under the Director of Residence Life.


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