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Pass/No Pass Considerations

“For Spring 2020, colleges will allow undergraduate students to choose letter grades or P*/NP grades for each of their courses, with a P* reflecting C- or better work. Students may elect to have Spring 2020 P* grades apply towards major/minor requirements, upon consultation with their advisor or faculty member. Students may make the choice of A-F grade or P*/NP grades up until the end of 7th week (midnight, PST, May 15th).” 

P*/NP (pass/no pass) Form (Spring term deadline extended to Friday May 15th ~ EOU email required to fill out form)

Things to consider:

  • P*/NP is similar to S/U when it comes to your GPA. If you have a grade changed to P*/NP it will not affect your Spring 2020 GPA.
  • Co-enrolled courses as a P for Spring term will transfer in and count in major courses at EOU.
  • Financial Aid will work the same as it did with the graded courses.
  • If you are currently struggling in a course, this might be an opportunity for you to work through it to earn at least a C-instead of dropping it. Even if you do get a NP you would be in a better place to repeat the class because you would have gone through all of the content, and will be ready if you need to retake it.
  • Your GPA is only based on your graded courses, so if you are taking S/U or P*/NP courses and one graded course, your entire GPA will come from the one course. You have to make sure that class is a high grade. If you receive a C- and it is the only course  you have that is graded, you will be below 2.0 which will place you in Academic Probation.
  • If you take less than 12 GRADED credits from EOU, you will not be eligible for the dean’s list no matter what your GPA is.

Major or Group Specific Considerations

  • Education Students:  The education program is accepting P/NP for pre-program courses in the College of Education, but students must, and are required to have their program courses graded. If you’d like any clarification, please contact your advisor.
  • OHSU, all prereqs and grad requirements need to be graded A-F. Requirements vary for all other Professional Healthcare Programs, but almost all want A-F unless the student did not have a choice due to a university-wide shift to pass/no pass grading. (EOU has not instituted a university-wide shift.)
  • Accounting and Business: For students planning on sitting for a CPA exam, the P*/NP grade may exclude a class from consideration in an education requirement.
  • Grad Programs:  If you are thinking about going into a grad program (immediately after you graduate or sometime down the line), please talk to your advisor and faculty in your field before determining if a P*/NP grade is the best route for you.
  • Student-athletes: Contact your advisor and Mary before you select a P*/NP option. Make sure you have all the facts on academics and athletic eligibility.

If you have already filled out the form and are not sure if that was the correct way to go, please contact your faculty or academic advisor. The two of you will determine the best course of action and work with the Registrar’s Office to make sure you are successful this term and beyond.