Course Substitutions


Course Substitution Form (Click Here)

This form should be used when requesting that a transfer course be considered as a substitute for an EOU course meeting major/concentration/minor program requirements.

Example of Appropriate Use: A student completed Psychology 2xx Psychological Basics at a community college prior to transferring to EOU. The student’s advisor would like to request that Psychology 2xx be considered as a substitute for Psychology 202 General Psychology at EOU.

Registrar’s Method of Processing Request: Course substitution requests will be submitted to the discipline chair of the academic program offering the EOU course to be substituted.

Note Regarding Course Designations (Gen. Ed, DPD, & UWR): If a request for course substitution is approved, and the EOU course being substituted carries a general education designation, that designation will automatically apply to the transfer course. This is NOT true for DPD or UWR. Requests to apply DPD or UWR to transfer courses must be submitted using the appropriate forms below.


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