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Accelerated Options

If you want to pursue an EOU online degree, you may wish to consider prior learning and professional experiences to your EOU transcript. A brief description of these “accelerated” options follows:

Transfer Courses from Other Accredited Institutions

If you have had previous college experience and apply for admission to EOU, the Registrar will take all of your previous transcripts, convert other term hours into quarter hours, and indicate which of the transferred courses meet EOU’s General Education Core requirements. Your adviser will assist you in determining which of transfer courses meet major/program requirements.

Course Challenge

If you are admitted to EOU and have completed 12 EOU credits, you may petition for credit for a specific course by special exam. You must be currently enrolled to take the course challenge. The course challenge does not apply to a course for which you have received a grade. You also must have taken or successfully challenged the prerequisites to an upper-level course before challenging that course.  Course Challenge if you wish to challenge first- or second-year language courses in a language taught at EOU in which you are fluent, you may consult with the language faculty for evaluation and placement.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

You may gain academic credit for some lower-level courses offered at EOU through CLEP tests. This depends upon departmental policy; CLEP may offer tests that EOU will not accept for credit. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Agency Sponsored Learning (ASL)

Professional and government organizations often offer academic education and training transcripted for the purpose of certification and other credentialing systems. In some cases, credit achieved from such agency-sponsored learning may apply toward EOU courses. Consult with your adviser about the possibility of applying Agency Sponsored Learning to your degree. Agency Sponsored Learning (A fee is required in most cases; 35 EOU residency hours must be earned before ASL credits count. These credits do not count toward EOU residency.)

Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

You may have a lot of special experience that you feel should apply toward your course of study. EOU offers a course, APEL 390, by which admitted EOU students may receive credit for prior experiential learning that demonstrates college-level mastery of curriculum areas. Such mastery is demonstrated through a portfolio of learning essays that is evaluated by EOU faculty members, who determine how much academic credit may be gained through APEL.

Military Training

If you’re in the military or have been in the military, you may receive college credit for military courses. You must be admitted to EOU before the credits can be evaluated and transcripted.

As an admitted EOU student, you will also need an adviser to assist you in your academic planning.

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