Public Administration

Public Administration

Discover real world learning experiences in problem solving, critical thinking and policy analysis. If you are looking for a degree that will prepare you for success in service to society, EOU’s Public Administration program is for you!

Career Paths

Graduates can expect success as: City Managers, Mayors, Nonprofit Leaders, County and Regional Planners, Policy Advisors, State Agency Coordinators, Budget Analysts, and Law Students.

The major in Public Administration will build on the traditional strengths of the liberal arts, while at the same time providing the necessary management skills required for the unique responsibilities of the public sector. The program will introduce students to the political, economic and legal environments of a variety of public sector and nonprofit organizations. It stresses the analytical and problem-solving skills required of public administrators and the need to creatively apply appropriate data evaluation methods and techniques. It will also prepare students for careers in public and non-profit agencies, as well as graduate study in public and private administration.


Jeff Dense, Phd

Professor of Political Science

Office: 204J Ackerman
Phone: 541-962-3854

Course Offerings

(This major is also available online)
• Complete EOU graduation requirements. A grade of C- or
better is required for all of the courses used to satisfy the
program requirements and a cumulative 2.00 GPA or better is
required overall.
• Complete the following required lower and upper division

POLS 101 American National Government (5)
POLS 151 Intro to Public Administration (5)
POLS 251 Soc Science Research Methods (5)
POLS 314 State & Local Government (5)
POLS 350 Public Policy (5)
POLS 384 Admin Law & Processes (3)
POLS 409 Practicum (Min 5)
POLS 450 Applied Policy Analysis (5)
BA 114 Computer Spreadsheets (1)
ECON 202 Princ. Macroeconomics (5)

Choose two of the following courses:
POLS 352 Budgetary Politics & Process (5)
POLS 353 Community & Regional Planning (5)
POLS 354 Public Personnel Management (5)
Choose one of the following courses
POLS 382 Constitutional Law (5)
BA 461 Organizational Behavior (5)
ECON 318 Money, Fin Mrkts Inst (5)*
ECON 345 Economics of Develpmt (5)
*Course meets UWR

ADMINISTRATION (This minor is also available online)
• A minimum of 30 graded credits as follows:
POLS 101 American National Govt. (5)
POLS 151 Intro to Public Administration (5)
POLS 314 State & Local Govt. (5)
POLS 350 Public Policy (5)
Choose two of the following courses:
POLS 352 Budgetary Politics & Process (5)
POLS 353 Community & Regional Planning (5)
POLS 354 Public Personnel Management (5)
POLS 450 Applied Policy Analysis (5)

• A minimum grade of C- required for each course and a
cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better is required overall.
• A minimum of 10 credits counting towards the minor must be
completed at Eastern Oregon University.
Course descriptions are located under the individual disciplines
*Public Administration cannot be taken in conjunction with
Political Science, Pre-Law, or Public Policy.

“The Public Administration program at Eastern provided me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to be successful in the public sphere. From the United States Congress to the Oregon State Senate, I would not have had these opportunities without the strong education I had through this program.”

Evan Bryan, '15
Legislative Director at the Oregon State Senate
Hillsboro, Ore.

Evan Bryan, Public Administration alumnus

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EOU offers the only fully-deliverable online undergraduate Public Administration degree in the United States.Caring professors help you hone the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong success in the public and non-profit sectors.

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  • City Manager
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  • Experience the only fully online Public Administration program from a public university in the U.S.
  • Develop workplace success skills via practicum and internships.
  • Learn from nationally respected authorities and experts.
  • Strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills in real life situations.