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Sustainable Rural Systems

Sustainable Rural Systems - Student holding a strawberry plant

Get your hands dirty at Eastern Oregon University, Oregon’s Rural University. In the Sustainable Rural Systems degree, students learn about the unique nature of rural societies, environments and economies. Directly apply environmental science, resource ecology management and environmental policy to help industry and communities create sustainable development. With the project-based learning model, students become project managers doing ecological and industrial restoration work that engages communities and industry partners.

Dr. Shannon Donovan

Shannon Donovan, Ph.D.

Founding Faculty member – Sustainable Rural Systems

Dr. Donovan is one of the first Sustainable Rural Systems (SRS) professors at Eastern Oregon University. As a founding faculty member, Donovan will help shape the program as it grows. Donovan received a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management at the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Science in Recreation and Forestry at West Virginia University, and a doctorate in Environmental Science at the University of Idaho. Her experience extends to bioregional planning, working with animals, forestry, recreation and tourism, education and outdoor education, geography and environmental studies. She also worked in Costa Rica with coffee growers and analyzed ecosystem services.