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Bryton Parker Lochridge

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Before I was accepted into EOU I was attending a different coll​e​ge. Having participated in that other coll​ege​ I am able to compare the two methods, allowing me to see what I like and don’t like of the two schools. EOU by far has been much more accommodating. and overall less busy work and more learning. The teachers are more relaxed, but not easy. At EOU, at least for online students, you will find your self challenged and yet not over burdened with unnecessary work that doesn’t benefit you. Most of the work you do yourself, and most of the time the teachers are amazing about getting back to you with help. Their tutoring centers and other tools of assistance prove to be very helpful. I have in the past and will continue to recommend EOU to those I know as it has proven to be a fantastic choice for my family and myself.

– Bryton Parker Lochridge
Business Administration Major
New Plymouth, Idaho