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ASTEO Scholar Quentin Durfee

ASTEO Scholar Quentin Durfee

ASTEO Scholar Quentin Durfee

ASTEO Scholar Profile: Quentin Durfee

Quentin Durfee is a freshman at Eastern Oregon University. He entered college with transfer credits from military training and is a graduate of La Grande High School.

Hometown: La Grande, Ore.

Major: Biology

Why did you apply to become an ASTEO Scholar? 

“I applied for the scholarship not only because I needed the money to go to college, but I also want to continue my education to the highest degree possible. An education is one thing that I will always strive for because I never want to stop learning.”

What are you looking forward to the most at EOU? 

“All of the opportunities EOU has to offer. Right now I’m in the choir, taking voice lessons, in the Pre-Health Club and also pole vaulting for the track and field team. Later on, I think I’ll try to start doing my own research as well, if I have the time.”

About ASTEO: 

ASTEO stands for Advancing Science and Technology in Eastern Oregon and was established with a grant from the National Science Foundation’s S-STEM program. Eligible scholars may receive up to $7,500 annually for tuition and fees, depending on unmet need. Scholarship applications are being accepted now through February 1, 2017 for the coming academic year.

For more information and to apply go to: eou.edu/asteo