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Sustainability Planning

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This site is dedicated to the budgeting and planning process at Eastern Oregon University. The goal is to provide information as it is available and allow for the basis of a thoughtful dialog about EOU’s resources and future.

In June 2011 EOU initiated the first phase of its plan, Positioning Eastern Oregon University for Mission Fulfillment and Financial Sustainability. The intensive and inclusive process which lead to its development and adoption, allowed Eastern to address in a proactive manner a serious financial and economic crisis for the University caused by the extremely poor economic conditions of the state.

Since 2011, as this plan was never meant to be a “one and done,” it has been updated to meet new challenges to Eastern’s fiscal viability. Today’s environment is having a profound impact on small regionally- based universities around the country—and EOU is no different.  While EOU is dealing with some macro issues including a national decline in enrollments, economic and demographic shifts, the University must act swiftly and with purpose to deal with these impacts.

On April 30, 2014, EOU released a draft of the third update to this plan. The continuation of the plan follows the principles established in the initial Sustainability Plan.

As stated in the Draft Plan Update, the president, provost, interim provost, deans and interim president all received formal comments until May 29, 2014. With the conclusion of this comment period, EOU administration made necessary changes and presented the finalized version of the Financial Sustainability Plan for Eastern Oregon University.

Meeting these goals will require the University to operate differently on various fronts. In doing so, EOU will not sacrifice its core goals and values of serving students and protecting the academic environment that is a hallmark of Eastern. Equally important, it protects the University’s ability to meet and serve community needs.

EOU has been, and will continue to be, guided by its mission and service to students and the region.

News and Updates

Financial Sustainability Plan for Eastern Oregon University: 6/9/14

Board of Higher Education Approves Institutional Board Conditions for EOU and SOU: 5/16/14

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