PPE Major

PPE Coursework

A 50 credit core provides a shared inter-disciplinary experience for all students in the program while offering a common knowledge base for additional upper division course work. 35 lower division core credits provide a basic understanding of the political, economic, and legal systems in the United States; an introduction to the normative questions that concern contemporary American society; and, an introduction to logical reasoning.  15 upper division core credits provide a common, advanced-level application of the analytic, empirical, and normative tools within each discipline.

Lower Division Core

Econ 201 — Principles of Microeconomics (5 credits)

Econ 202 — Principles of Macroeconomics (5 credits)

Pols 101 — American National Government (5 credits)

Pols 221 — International Relations (5 credits)

Pols 251 — Social Science Research Methods (5 credits)

Phil 102 — Ethics, Politics and Law (5 credits)

Phil 103 — Critical Thinking (5 credits)

Upper Division Required Courses:

Econ 370 — History of Economic Thought (5 credits)

Pols 340 — Politics and Media (5 credits)

Pols 350 — Public Policy (5 credits)

Field Placement

Econ 409/Pols 409


Econ 407/Phil 407/Pols 407 — Capstone (5 credits)

Upper Division Electives

The upper division elective component offers students the opportunity to emphasize particular disciplines. All students will complete 15 additional upper division credit hours, of which a minimum of 5 credit hours must be completed in each of the three disciplines. No more than 5 credit hours of practicum 409 credit may be applied to the 20 upper-division elective credits.

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