A PPE degree at EOU:  rewarding, challenging, and flexible.  

We combine rigorous social science analysis with enduring normative questions of philosophy.  The result is a multidisciplinary understanding of the institutions, practices, and policies that shape our world.  It includes core classes in philosophy, political science, and economics, with many students acquiring a minor in one of these same disciplines.

The program prepares you for a variety of rewarding careers–and career changes–that require a multidisciplinary set of skills.  Examples include teaching, banking and finance, journalism, resource management, social services, criminal justice, and other public service.  The program will also provide excellent preparation for graduate study in law, economics, political science, and philosophy.


WaldenU.S. Congressman Greg Walden meets with students at EOU. 2-19-2014


“After my first PPE course I was fascinated by the complex interplay of politics, public policy, and money. Building on the knowledge I gained from the PPE program I enrolled in one of the only schools of its kind in the nation; a graduate school which trains political operatives to create policy, run political campaigns, and lobby the government. I am now working to launch a 501(c)(4) organization with the goal of engaging more citizens in the political process. Without my early experiences in the PPE program I would not have the drive to make this a reality.

I cannot recommend this program strongly enough.”

- Katy Barnet, PPE Class of 2008

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