Physical Education and Sport

The Physical Education and Sport Concentration prepares students for Masters programs in teaching. Our curriculum focuses on science based approaches, practical applications of movement analysis, and techniques for teaching motor development across the lifespan and in special populations. When the PES concentration is combined with the Masters of Arts in Teaching, students are well prepared to enter the teaching work force.

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BIO 231-3 Human Anatomy & Physiology I-III
PES 131 Foundations of Physical Activity & Health
HWS 350 Behavior Change Theory
PES 270 History, Philosophy & Ethics of Sport
EXS 312 Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Activity & Health
EXS 323 Physiology of Exercise I
PES 495 Capstone Seminar
PES 496 Capstone Course

Physical Activity & Sport Concentration

EXS 213 Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement
EXS 311 Sport Psychology
EXS 321 Applied Anatomy
EXS 322 Biomechanics
EXS 440 Motor Development
EXS 444 Adapted Physical Activity
EXS 453 Motor Learning & Control
PES 294 Teaching Team Sports
PES 359 Prevention & Care of Injury in Physical Activity Settings
PES 394 Teaching Games, Dance, & Gymnastics
PES 494 Teaching Individual Lifetime Sports
PES 470 Sports Management

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HWS 252 First Aid & Safety
PES 364 Scienti c Basis of Coaching Youth Sports

Physical Education is available as a minor with a modified class list.