Community Health

A concentration in Community Health prepares students to design, implement and evaluate health promotion programs within populations.

Community health addresses the physical, mental and environmental health concerns of communities to prevent risk and injury. Students will receive hands-on practical application of theory-driven process to promote health and prevent disease.

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Check out this great short doc from Alumni Dillon Lutcher highlighting the success of our EOU GO ASAP program.


BIO 231-3 Human Anatomy & Physiology I-III
PES 131 Foundations of Physical Activity & Health
HWS 350 Behavior Change Theory
PES 270 History, Philosophy & Ethics of Sport
EXS 312 Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Activity & Health
EXS 323 Physiology of Exercise I
PES 495 Capstone Seminar
PES 496 Capstone Course

Community Health Concentration

HWS 298 Health & Fitness for Life
HWS 225 Nutrition
HWS 351 Introduction to Community Health
HWS 352 Cultural Competence in Health Education & Health Promotion
HWS 412 Program Planning
HWS 413 Program Evaluation

(pick 11 credits from the following)

EXS 452 Physical Activity & Disease Prevention
HWS 198 Outdoor Activity & Lifetime Wellness
HWS 317 Global Health & Humanities
HWS 334 Female Adolescent Development
HWS 335 Male Adolescent Development
HWS 423 Aging & Society
HWS 431 Alcohol & Drugs: Prevention
HWS 432 Substance Abuse & Family Relation

Health Studies is available as a minor with a modified class list.