Web Time Entry for Students

Web Time Entry (WTE) is a web-based application that collects time and attendance information for EOU student employees & hourly employees in Webster. This process will replace the paper timesheets.

All EOU employees (Staff, Faculty, Students, & Hourly) are responsible for entering and submitting their hours worked every pay period.

Supervisors are responsible for approving the hours worked. Once the supervisor has approved the hours, the employee’s hours are automatically loaded into the payroll process for payment. Supervisors are also responsible for sending their new employees to the Payroll office to ensure they get their paperwork completed so they have a digital timesheet in Web Time Entry created and ready for them to record their hours.

In order to comply with the Fair Labor and Standards Act, EOU student employees record their daily in and out times instead of the total hours worked in Webster.

EOU Student Workers & Hourly

They will begin logging their hours worked on the Web Time Entry Timesheet in Webster. They will be responsible for submitting them to their supervisor by the 15th of each month going forward.


EOU Student Workers Supervisors

Be sure you have any new student workers complete this form and submit to the payroll office PRIOR TO THEIR EMPLOYMENT START DATE. This form creates a timesheet within Webster for students to fill out and submit so it’s very critical this step isn’t missed.

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EOU Web Time Entry – Student Worker & Hourly Training

EOU Web Time Entry – Supervisor Training