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Student Supervisor Instructions

Supervisor Requirements For On-Campus Student Employment


In order to create a student position to post with Career Services, use this form to provide the details about the position. Once completed, Career Services will post the position on their website where students can apply. All hiring must be done through Career Services.

Once a student employee has been hired, supervisors must complete and submit the form in Mountie Hub whether or not they have worked for another department on campus.  If the form is not submitted to Payroll, the student will not have a timesheet in Mountie Hub to record their hours. Once the form is submitted, it will go to either the direct or VP of the department for approval. Instructions will be sent via email to the supervisor and student upon submission.

*International students: Please instruct international students to call Payroll at (541) 962-3286 to make an appointment. They will need to obtain a Social Security card at the Social Security Administration office (2205 Cove Avenue in La Grande).

Please do not send the student to the Payroll Office! They need to receive their emailed instructions first.

Once the form is submitted to Payroll, it will remain active for 30 days.

Click here to complete the student hiring, update and termination process


Eastern’s policy is that students may work no more than 29 hours week during academic terms. Students may work over the 29-hour limitation during the summer months and break between terms.  International students may jeopardize their Visa status by working over 20 hours per week and students with work-study may jeopardize their work-study status. For more information, please view the EOU Policy website for Policy/Procedure: Student employee policy.


Web Time Entry (WTE) is a web-based application that collects time and attendance information for EOU student employees in Mountie Hub. All EOU students are responsible for entering and submitting their hours worked every pay period. Supervisors are responsible for approving the hours worked and audit sick leave to ensure they aren’t claiming more sick leave than they have accrued. Once the supervisor has approved the hours, the employee’s hours are automatically loaded into payroll for payment. In order to comply with the Fair Labor and Standards Act, EOU student employees record their daily in and out times instead of the total hours worked in Mountie Hub.

Time sheets are to be approved by 11:59 p.m. on the 16th of the month through Mountie HubIf the 16th falls on a Saturday or Sunday they need to be approved the following Monday by 11:59 p.m.  If the 16th falls on a holiday, you need to approve the day before. Please set up a proxy to prevent any delays on the employee receiving their paycheck. https://www.eou.edu/payroll/files/2022/04/How-to-Set-Up-a-Proxy.docx

Have the students record their time in 15-minute increments.  If the student works 5 minutes over a 15-minute increment, round down; if the student works 10 minutes, round up to 15 minutes.

If a student uses leave on their timesheet, be sure to verify the amount of leave they have before approving it. To learn how to check student’s leave balances, click here.


Skill level differentiates between the student employees 1 through 5 positions.  The student positions require different knowledge, skills, and abilities. Please see the position descriptions listed below.  Please contact the Payroll Office if you need assistance in determining this.

*Student Terminations Due to Inactivity*

If a student employee goes longer than three months without pay, they will be terminated due to inactivity. Please be sure students are submitting their timesheets each month to avoid termination. If a student is no longer working, please terminate their position.

Effective July 01, 2023


Level 1 Student Worker /  $13.20 (Minimum wage)

Performs routine, non-complex, unskilled or semi-skilled work.  Work requires sufficient education and training to follow and understand simple established instructions and may require a brief orientation period.  Work is characterized by standardized methods or processes. Examples of these jobs would be sorting and delivering mail, answering phones, scanning material into a computer, stuffing mailers, making photocopies, emptying trash, sweeping, vacuuming, moving office furniture, assisting with set-ups, watering plants.

Level 2 Student Worker /  $13.70

Performs specialized work of a vocational nature requiring knowledge and application of specific procedures. Positions usually require some analysis of situations or circumstances before proceeding with work.  Work requires some developed skills such as typing, composition, small equipment or machinery operation. Examples of these jobs would be certified life-guard, accounting clerk, chemistry storekeeper, audio/visual aid, custodial work requiring the operation of buffers, grounds work requiring the operation of mowers.

Level 3 Student Worker  / $14.20

Performs technical or paraprofessional work requiring a combination of basic scientific or technical knowledge and manual skills. The work may require some application of analytical skills in identifying and defining work issues and the application of specialized techniques.  Examples of these include artist model, complex duties an office setting such as spreadsheet and Access database development and manipulation, compilation of data and statistical analysis, operation and maintenance of machinery such as loaders, dump trucks, backhoes used in construction and maintenance activities.

Level 4 Student Worker / $14.70

Performs technical or paraprofessional work requiring good analytical skills, leadership and organizational skills.  This level typically directs/oversees project management from inception to completion under the guidance of faculty or university representatives but with minimal oversight.  This level may require creating/managing contracts, preparing, proposing and managing operating budgets.  Students working at this level may be responsible for advertising and interviewing applicants as their replacements.  Students at this level may oversee the work of other student workers.

Level 5 Student Worker / $15.20

Performs pre-professional/professional work requiring major academic training/coursework/training or skilled work at a journey level.  Work tends to be analytical in nature, guided by principles and practices of the profession and may require some interpretation of policies.  Work is highly skilled. 

July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023