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Online/Onsite Cost of Attending

We’re one of the most cost-competitive universities out there, offering accredited online undergraduate programs at just $200 per credit hour. Some for-profit institutions in Oregon and across the country are charging an average of $385 per credit, so the savings you’ll realize is significant!

Estimated Costs for 2014-15 Academic Year 

Undergraduate (15 credits) Graduate (12 credits)
Per term Per year Per term Per year
Tuition plus fees  $3,000  $9,000  $4,464  $13,392
Books and supplies  $475  $1,425  $475  $1,425
Totals  $3,475 $10,425  $4,939  $14,817
  • Undergraduate tuition is based on 15 credits per term; graduate tuition is based on 12 credits per term. Students are required to enroll in 12 credits per term to maintain full-time status. Enrolling in 15 credits per term will enable completion of a degree program in four (4) years.
  • Books and supply expenses will vary and are not paid directly to EOU.

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