Course Credit Transfer



Pursuing an Online Degree

EOU recognizes that people pursuing distance education degrees often have extensive learning from prior jobs, educational programs, travel, and other life experiences. The university provides options in which this learning can be documented for academic credit, enabling students to apply their prior learning to their degrees.

The primary way to apply prior learning, of course, is Course Credit Transfer. The content of transferred courses may or may not fulfil the needs of particular EOU programs, but if analogous coursework is offered at EOU, credit earned at other accredited institutions of higher learning will very likely transfer to EOU.

EOU students with extensive life experience paralleling subject areas offered through EOU may enroll in APEL 390 – Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). APEL is a rigorous course in which the student, working with the instructor and other faculty, bridges personal experience with the theoretical and practical applications demanded by EOU programs by building a “Learning Essay Packet”. APEL culminates in the development of one or more essay packets that are evaluated by EOU faculty for academic credit.

EOU may also grant credit for Agency Sponsored Learning (ASL), education and training provided by professional organizations.

Course Challenge is an option for moving ahead with a course of study. Course challenge always requires faculty permission and a special application process through this office.