Capsule Description

Students may receive credit for courses and training taken from non-degree granting organizations such as the military, corporations, labor unions, professional and voluntary associations, and government agencies. The subject area must be within a discipline offered at EOU, and the course/training must have taken place within required clock hours. You must provide documentation that learning took place.  Students pay $50 per credit hour for Agency Sponsored Learning other than military.   A maximum of 45 ASL credits can be used toward a degree at EOU.


Full Description of Agency Sponsored Learning:

Potentially, college credit can be obtained from formal educational programs that are:

To document ASL, provide the following:

1.  At least one of the following documents

2. Full Description of the program if not listed on the EOU Agency Sponsored Learning List (Courses/training previously evaluated by EOU Faculty; list is available from Regional Advisors.)  This full description might include course syllabi, workbook, or other documentation of the course content.

Process for Obtaining ASL

*EOU Reviewers look for the following information when evaluating courses / workshops / training for ASL credit: