2013 Edition


Table of Contents

Poetry: Christine Eames, William Bowman, Nichole Jones, Mary DeViney, Camila Claycomb, Theresa Hamman, Brian Arrell, Maisie Marek, Jacky Gomez, Isai Bedolla Murillo, Aimee Kidrick

Prose: Carrie Nelson, Christine Eames, Nichole Jones, Kailey VanOcker, Jacob Thompson, Brian Arrell, Lindy Steeves, Chantelle Brown, J.L Liam

Art: Barb Baty, Trevor Durr, Genevieve Gaudreau, Laura Hansen, Heather Isaacson, Sheyenne Johnson, James Long, Audrey Love, Asa Miller, Carrie Nelson, Addie O’Neal, Henrik Soerensen, Lyle Witherrite

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