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2012 Edition




Table of Contents

Poetry: Cameron Livermore, Patrice Larssen, Taryn Lewis, James Long, Kailey VanOcker, Theresa Hamman, Athena Ogumoro, Danielle Weaver, Krista Birkmaier

Prose: Cheyenne Valade, Aimee Kidrick, Christine Eames, Deb Wiloth, Cody Ackley, Jonathan Gooden, William Bowman, Stephen Tool

Art: Christy Roe, Lauren Hull, Demetri Atanasov, Ashley Grover, Trevor Durr, Jennifer Brotherton, Auburn Isaak, Henrik Sorenson, Haiden Kohl, Becky Collins, Sheyenne Johnson

Cover art: Sheyenne Johnson, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 22.5″



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