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Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), in partnership with The ODS Companies (ODS) offers an innovative public-private partnership that enables students to obtain an Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in dental hygiene.  The partnership matches the resources of EOU, ODS, and OIT.   EOU offers prerequisite and general education courses as outlined by the ODS College of Dental Sciences Dental Hygiene Program. Some non-clinical courses are taught online by OIT faculty in Klamath Falls.  Once admitted into the dental hygiene program, students will attend the ODS College of Dental Sciences, located in La Grande, Oregon. ODS provides the administrative and educational facility, while OIT provides faculty for classroom and clinical studies.  The A.A.S. degree is awarded by OIT.

Dental Hygiene Students EOU Pre-Dental Hygiene / Prerequisite Program Overview

Pre-dental hygiene coursework may be taken from EOU either on-campus or on-line.  Prerequisite coursework is typically completed over a two-year period, however transfer students may be able to complete in one-year.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the pre-dental hygiene adviser when choosing appropriate coursework to be certain all prerequisite coursework requirements are being met.  Required coursework includes one-year sequences of human anatomy and physiology including labs and introductory chemistry with labs.  Prerequisite coursework also includes microbiology with lab, nutrition, college mathematics, general sociology, public speaking, English composition, medical terminology, and an introduction to dental hygiene course.

For complete information regarding the EOU Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum contact:

Kimberly Mueller
Pre-Professional Health Liaison/Advising Coordinator
Badgley Hall #120

Tele: 541-962-3070

Degree Offerings

The ODS College of Dental Sciences offers an 18-month cohort program leading to the Associates of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degree in dental hygiene from OIT.  A.A.S. graduates who wish to expand their career opportunities in education, business management and intercultural studies have the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene offered online by OIT.

Application to ODS College of Dental Sciences Dental Hygiene Program

Minimum Eligibility

To be considered for selection into the professional programs in dental hygiene, you must be eligible and apply for admission. Eligibility is contingent upon the following qualifications being met:

1. You must have successfully completed or be in progress of completing all pre-dental hygiene prerequisite courses. Prerequisite grades must be a “C” or better. Completion of Introduction to Dental Hygiene, offered on-line by OIT, is required by the end of spring term of the year of application.  All other prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of summer term of the year of application.
2. You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.

Admission Criteria

The following criteria are considered and awarded points when determining admission to the
professional programs:
 Cumulative GPA
 Math/Science GPA
 Personal essay score
 Interview score
 Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Tech, or Chemeketa Community College student

Additional criteria for consideration may include:
 The number of prerequisite courses completed at the time of application
 Completion of courses beyond the prerequisites
 Course repeats
 Course history
 Previous program alternate status

Once admitted to the ODS College of Dental Sciences, ODS students are also considered to be EOU students!  The innovative public-private partnership between ODS and EOU enables students to take advantage of EOU housing and residence life, student services, sporting and cultural events and enroll in general education courses (if needed) or other interesting classes.  Learn more about EOU student life and resources.

Additional Information

Learn more about the  ODS College of Dental Sciences program and application process.




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