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Virtual student events create fun from afar

Virtual student events create fun from afar

May 27, 2020, LA GRANDE, Ore. –  In compliance with social distancing measures, campus leaders are getting creative to involve students from a distance. 

Large scale events planned by resident assistant (RA) trainees have been reimagined. This year, potential RAs are inviting students to join them virtually, including those who left campus due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Each year, a select handful of students interview to become RAs. Those who pass the interview are accepted into the training class. The most suited for the position are chosen at the end of the class to fill RA positions the following year. 

One requirement of the class is for students to break into groups and plan large scale events. This year’s trainees were challenged by unprecedented circumstances as many students chose to study remotely during spring term.

A student in the class and hopeful RA, Joseph O’Brien said connecting with students and building meaningful friendships is more important than ever.

“These programs are made to give students a break from these stressful and unpredictable times,” he said.

From hosting virtual events to doing Instagram takeovers, EOU’s Residence Life aims to keep students engaged with peers, coursework and co-curricular activities. 

One group is encouraging past and current on-campus students to post their memories by using the hashtag #EOUreslifemems. 

The first event showcased student talents with live or pre-recorded videos or pictures. Winners were rewarded with a movie gift basket delivered via mail. 

On May 27, students entered their pets into a pet pageant. Over a Zoom meeting, participants showed off their pets’ tricks, costumes or cuteness for a chance to win a prize.  

The last event uses the trending social media platform, TikTok. Over the course of one week, students can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt in an attempt to find items within their household. By following @eoureslife on TikTok, students can access more information. Once they complete the scavenger hunt, they record a video with the items, upload it and tag #eouscavenger2020 and move on to round two. The first 10 students to complete round two will receive a prize in the mail. 

“Our goal is for students to get active and have fun while remaining in the comfort of their own home or wherever they may be residing,” O’Brien said.

For more information, contact reslife@eou.edu

Written by PR Intern Briana Rosenkranz.