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Virtual Lounge launch

Virtual Lounge supports online students, wherever they are

News contact: Laura Hancock, University Advancement, 541-962-3585 
Kathleen Brown

Kathleen Brown

LA GRANDE, Ore. April 24, 2017 – Every week, students enrolled online through Eastern Oregon University are logging in to receive academic support and get their questions about student services answered.

Student Success Coordinator Kathleen Brown is the one facilitating these recurring question and answer chats through a new interface called the Virtual Lounge launched by EOU earlier this month.

EOU's Virtual Lounge is open every Tuesday and Thursday.

EOU’s Virtual Lounge is open every Tuesday and Thursday.

“The chat provides instant feedback to students when they have a question about services they would generally come to campus for,” Brown explained. “If a question can’t be solved, the department with the answer is invited to join us for a future session so we can help as many students as possible.”

The Virtual Lounge is open between 12-1 p.m. on Tuesdays and again from 6-7 p.m. on Thursdays Pacific Time.

“EOU wants to be there for students, even when they are not in La Grande,” Brown said. “We understand many students are enrolling online because they are working or have other obligations, so we are initially choosing time slots when people are more likely to be free.”

Here’s how it works: students with a question go to the First Year Experience website and a chat box appears when the Virtual Lounge is open. Only the coordinator sees the information submitted, so students can feel confident in sharing information specific to them. Students can also use their phones to chat, making it easy to connect without a computer.

For more information contact Brown at 541-962-3142 or kbrown@eou.edu.