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Social science journal earns top award

Student-produced social science journal earns top awardEastern Oregon Social Science Journal Cover 2016

Nov. 14, 2017 La Grande, Ore. — The debut edition of the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal earned the top spot as Best Social Science Journal in its category, as well as First Place with Special Merit, from the American Scholastic Press Association.

Student editorial staff at Eastern Oregon University produced the award-winning journal, which includes contributions from students in EOU’s anthropology/sociology, business and economics programs.

“The science journal has been at Eastern Oregon University since 1983, and a large number of students have had the beneficial experience of publishing their research in it,” said Aaron Thornburg, assistant professor of anthropology and faculty advisor for the social science journal. “With this premier social science issue, the journal has extended its reach to even more students. It’s really gratifying that this first social science issue has been recognized with these awards.”

Alannah Jones, a recent graduate of EOU’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, and Zoe Mathias, an alumna of the biology program, took the lead in composing the inaugural issue of the social science journal. The experience offered insights into the publishing process for academic articles and hands-on practice communicating with professionals in the field.

The next issue’s contributions have already been accepted. To be published in the 2018-2019 academic year, the second edition is set to include articles by EOU anthropology/sociology, English/writing and history students.

“As much as I appreciate being part of an award-winning journal issue, I’m even more appreciative to know that social sciences is gaining a strong footing and recognition in the eastern region of the state,” said contributor and EOU alumnus Calvin Edward, who is now a graduate student at Sophia University in Japan. “I am confident that the EOSSJ will continue producing strong entries in the future and is able to make an impact in not only Eastern Oregon, but social sciences as a whole.”

As for the Eastern Oregon Science Journal, staff await printed copies of the latest edition, which are due to arrive on campus this month.

Amy Yielding, associate professor of mathematics and faculty advisor for the science journal, said readers should, “be prepared to be impressed with research completed at EOU.” Topics include: a novel approach in testing cannabis to ensure the safety of consumers by students and professors in our mathematics department, solutions to two different CoMap competitions completed by students in chemistry and mathematics, and the development of diagnostic sensors for bacteria detection developed by students and professors in our biochemistry department.

Donations to support both publications are accepted online at eou.edu/scijou/donate. For more information visit eou.edu/scijou.