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“So It Begins” debut

See "So It Begins" at Art Center East March 3-31.

See “So It Begins” at Art Center East March 3-31.

“So It Begins” junior art exhibition opens Friday

News contact: Laura Hancock, University Advancement
Source contact: Kerri Rosenstein, Assistant Professor of Art

LA GRANDE, Ore. February 27, 2017 – Eastern Oregon University junior art students are presenting their debut exhibition, “So It Begins,” opening March 3 at Art Center East.

A reception with the artists is from 6-8 p.m. Friday at the center at 1006 Penn Avenue. 

Stephanie Croghan, Kate King, Tyler Rollins, Amanda Welch, Lara Welford and James G. Wimer are the students showing current work developed as part of a mentorship course in which they begin to build a cohesive and focused body of work. All are either majoring or minoring in art. 

“So It Begins” marks a significant step on the path of each of these artists. For many of them, this is their first time publicly exhibiting their artwork and when they begin establishing themselves as professional artists. The work presented precedes their concentrated research, writing and preparations for their capstone exhibitions in spring 2018.

Stephanie Croghan is showing paintings of seemingly adult hands doing child-like gestures. Representing a connection between childhood and adulthood, the blurry, out-of-focus motions of the subjects suggest actions in which the two are engaged.

Kate King is showing a series of ceramic cups, bowls and teapots utilizing traditional and non-traditional forms. Her glazes reference the natural world, inviting viewers to peacefully come together to share a cup of tea.

Tyler Rollins is sharing a selection of mixed media props based on theatrical fantasy. His works are based on impractical ideas.

Amanda Welch is showing her labor-intensive, hand-dyed, hand-sewn fibers and natural materials, constructed and sculptural works. Snow-dyed fabric shreds meticulously sewn together take on a life of their own like the ever-changing scenery of winter.

Lara Welford, a senior, is showing a group of paintings that are part of a larger body of work which will be presented at the Nightingale Gallery in April. 

Welford is also presenting her capstone show this spring. The extensive group of large-scale, figurative paintings speak to her experience of walking between worlds which reference realms of dreaming, spirit life, and rich narratives as experienced through her children and motherhood.

James G. Wimer has created a series of landscape paintings for inclusion in the show, representing his personal journey into an imagined reality. 

“We are grateful for an ongoing partnership between Art Center East and EOU, and the unique opportunities it presents for collaborations such as this,” said Kerri Rosenstein, assistant professor of art. “We appreciate the support and experiences Art Center East provides for EOU art students, and their dedication to enriching our local arts community. We hope you will join us in celebrating these emerging artists.”

See “So It Begins” through March 31 at Art Center East. 

For more information contact Rosenstein at krosenstein@eou.edu, Mike Sell, associate professor of media arts and art, at msell@eou.edu, or call Art Center East at 541-624-2800.